Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Someone listens to my ramblings....

This post starts with a SORRY and a big THANK YOU both of which I am sending to Michelle who nominated me for two awards back on the 15th of MAY. With being super busy at work, sick and stuck in Canberra all last week it has now been over a month and still no post from me - NAUGHTY JAC!

Lovely, witty, clever Michelle gifted me with the following awards which I was totally happy to receive -

So, according to Michelle the criteria for both are the same and I am required to:
  • thank and link back to the blogger who sent the award (see above)
  • share ten things about myself and finally
  • pass it on to three other bloggers

Ok well if you aren't onto Michelle's blog - stop reading now - follow and return here. We'll wait for you to come back ....

Hmmmm... 10 things about myself. I've done a couple of these before so hopefully I come up with new stuff now:
  1. My first name, middle name and maiden name all had double letters in them - NN, EE, EE.
  2. I didn't leave home until I was 25 (professional student).
  3. I used to bite my nails until I was about 20...and I still nibble the edges when I get stressed.
  4. As I am getting older I am care less about who likes me at work and more about getting the work done.
  5. I was born in Tasmania and still consider it the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
  6. I saw Titanic in the cinema 5 times - mostly I just kept going with people who hadn't seen it rather than actively choosing to see it over and over again.
  7. I have been married for about 4.5 years and I know it is totally uncool but I really love my husband. We even hold hands when we walk....and I totes love it.
  8. I watched the second plane hit the twin towers live on TV and was worried it meant the beginning of a new world war. The day afterward was surreal.
  9. If I live to be a 100 years old I will keep telling ANYONE who will listen that refugees are never in a queue... there is no queue when you have no where to live safely.
  10. I love my job... check that... I love the field in which I work - learning. I am very serious about it and could talk about learning, learning theories, products etc... all day if you let me! Consider yourselves warned!
Now onto the fun part- 3 blogs I would like to nominate

  • Jade Musing - Jade is just lovely. Her blog is a bit of everything and I find myself enabled often.
  • My Perfume Diaries - I adore Su and her journey into making perfume accessible for us clueless types.
  • Miss Prissypants - I sit next to her so it's like listening to her blog 24/7 but you should follow her blog because her reviews are thoughtful and informative and she likes to think she's funny ;)
I have updated my blog list -which looked like it hadn't been updated in ages - if you aren't there please let me know.

Jac x


  1. Woo hoo, I am so excited! I am grinning ear to ear :)
    Thank you, Jac! xoxo

  2. :) Congrats dear! Loved reading the facts :)

  3. Thanks sweet!

    Number 8 and 9 I totally relate to, as soon as Sept 11 happened I said to my folks there's going to be a war.

    P.S I'm LMAO over the fact you endured the Titanic 5 times ahahahaha

  4. Su and Jade - happy to share the love

    Vintage - thanks lovely x