Saturday, March 17, 2012

Haul: Zoya True Collection with swatches

SCORE - I found this completed blog post sitting in my drafts with pictures and all. Enjoy!

I've really not had my eye on the game as Zoya released both the True and the Feel collections without me even noticing. I also had a bloody hard time finding these online until I returned back to my faithful eBay seller who never ever lets me down where this brand is concerned. Now of course You can also find these on Nailsetc.

The True collection contains 6 polishes but 2 are nudes which I didn't order. After picking up the Touch collection last year and already owning Orly's Pure Porcelain (swatched here) my nude collection feels pretty full - at least I can be sensible sometimes lol. Let's take a closer look below at the four colours I did pick up Tru, Lotus, Bevan and Skylar. 

Bloggibis Interruptis

For those who follow me on twitter you already know this but for everyone else - I broke my arm 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately it was my right and it is broken in at my elbow end. Fortunately there is no cast - yay! I have been resting and keeping up with pain relief so hoping to be more mobile soon.

Breaks usually take around 6 weeks to heal (I had no idea as this break is my first). I am hoping to be back sooner than that but we'll see how my healing continues. Until then no posting or comments from me - I'm pretty much done just from typing this.

I've had some good ideas for future posts and some updates with my blog design but I'll explain more once I'm back on deck.

Hope you are doing well and thanks to everyone who's sent kind words while I have been going out of my mind with boredom. A special thanks to Tara (who actually sent me a pressie to cheer me up - so lovely) and those who supported her enabling to convince me to buy a Kindle - worth every penny.

Seriously now it's time to rest my arm.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haul: Salley Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polishes

 Pictured from left to right: Be-Jeweled, Showgirl Chic, Big Money and Razzle Dazzler

Yesterday happened to be the first day I have started to feel better in ages even though it was also the day it was confirmed I had been exposed to Whooping Cough.

You see the test for WC doesn't say yes/no you have WC, all it says is if you have been exposed (or maybe my Dr didn't ask for the right blood test?). Given that the WC immunisation lasts until your mid 20s and this is the first time I've had a nasty cough like this in ages, all signs point to me having battled through WC in the last month or so. So rather than feeling like my body let me down - which is what I had been feeling - I now feel like it's done an awesome job as I am starting to feel better already.

God I can be so long winded sometimes! Anyways... this was the first time I had been well enough to run errands and the first thing I did was go and pick up parcels from my local Post Office (staff there are THE best) and drop past Priceline. The result was a little haulage in the polish department. In a small burst of energy I have included bottle and tip swatches for your consideration below. Enjoy....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Polished London Nail Polish


Recently I was lucky enough to be sent 3 polishes from Polished London to review. The shade that immediately caught my eye was Buckingham Blue which I shared in a NOTD post here. However I was also sent the bright shade Piccadilly and a black crackle shade called Union Black.

The important things for me with polish are :
  1. Ingredients: These polishes are "4 free - no Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor or DBP".
  2. Brush: The brush is wide which makes it easy to apply the polish evenly to the nail (see pic below).
  3. Formula: Is designed to be opaque in one coat which it certainly was for Buckingham Blue. 
  4. Smell: Definite polish smell but not overwhelming.
  5. Ease of application: I found both the polishes as well as the crackle easy to apply. In fact I would have to say the crackle was the best crackle polish I have tried (I have tried several China Glaze crackles and this one beats the CG ones easily).
  6. Chip resistant: Major thumbs up here. I had this polish on for days and all that happened was a bit of chip wear - which given I spend my days at work typing pretty constantly I was impressed with.
 A closer look at the Polished London brushes

Let's take a closer look at the colours shall we? Just FYI I did each tip with 2 coats of colour and then 1 coat of Union Black to show how awesome the shatter is:

 Left to right: Buckingham Blue, Buckingham Blue + Union Black

 Left to right: Piccadilly + Union Black, Piccadilly

I recently received another shade from the range in one of the monthly subscription boxes in the shade Fushcia ( yes it is spelt that way and to me seems like a dark red-based purple). This shade totally freaked my camera out and this blurry shot below was sadly the best it could manage. A hot hot colour!


So as you can see this range (from the shades I have tried) gets a major thumbs up from me. Lovely Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons has also swatched a couple of the shades - I am loving the look of Mauve Mandy personally.

The polished London range comes in 30 colours for $7.99 RRP (which I think is pretty cheap in comparison to other drugstore brands). You can find your local stockist at

Have you tried any shades from the Polished London range?

Jac x