Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well look what the cat dragged in...

Hi. You may remember me from posts in 2011 and a feeble few posts this year but I am here to say I'm back and ready to play with blogger again.

A quick update -
  1. My arm is healing nicely - at this stage I still have some weakness and still can't straighten it fully but I don't need to sit on the sidelines anymore.
  2. Work is going bonkers but I am digging in there. I like me a challenge and it has been delivered this year.
  3. Planning for the US trip is in full force with our flights being booked last month and my leave being approved at work just last week (yeah I'm a gambler).
  4. After a pretty intense hate-relationship with Essie for the past couple of years I like them now and for my birthday did a haul of 9 polishes (through transdesign so all up it was $60 including P&H).
You may also have noticed some changes to my blog -including my blog name, my description and my "where does my stuff come from" section. Having a break from blogging gave me a chance to really think about what I could do that was more "the real me". So I have decided that I'll only post about stuff I buy or that is given as gifts. If I am lucky enough to be given something for free, I wont post about it unless I am prepared to buy one myself with my own money.

I'm not trying to make any kind of "statement" about what other bloggers choose to do and quite frankly I wouldn't do that anyway because I don't have a problem with people receiving samples when it's done transparently. I love reading posts with new collection stuff just as much as the next person and the only way that can happen with any regularity is with PR samples. My decision is based on what I could do that feels comfortable to me (given my work commitments do impact my ability to post regularly) and what could be a point of difference for my blog.

Anyway I am pretty excited to be back and I have a tonne of stuff to share - not because I have been buying a lot but because I haven't been blogging about stuff I purchased for most of this year.

For those of you with blogs out there - I have been reading but not commenting as my arm does get sore after work still. I'm hoping things will improve and I'll try and leave a smiley face if nothing else so you know I stopped by.

Hope this post finds you well.

Jac x