Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm not sure what happened

I sit here in my pjs penning this post wondering where the month of September has gone and slightly freaking out that I am about to embark on my first overseas holiday in a little over 34 hours.

I had planned on doing some new NOTDs, posts about the ABC (because I had a ball), some reviews and a very overdue empty post - so what happened? I'm not sure but here a couple of things that have contributed:
  • WORK -  has been challenging as we restructured as of the 3rd of the month, not to mention having work coming out of my ears.
  • WORK AGAIN - I have been in an interesting recruitment process that took 5 months to tell me I had been successful. I am so happy with the outcome but in my role I have been supporting others who did not receive the news they were expecting.
  • HOLIDAY PLANNING - because I have no idea what I am doing I have tried (with my husband) to work out as much of this holiday as we can. I spent an evening a few nights ago on google street view trying to work out what places were near our accommodation. Why? I have no idea.
  • ANXIETY FILLED DREAMS - nothing better than waking up each morning after odd (sometimes disturbing) dreams before beginning another challenging day at work.
  • WORRYING OVER MONEY - I want to punch myself over this one as we have planned so well that our holiday is fully paid for before we go. But I do love a good stress out over money.
And so it could go on blah blah blah...

The reality is that this month has been somewhat "too full" for me. If I use an analogy of my energy being on a budget of $20 a day, then my dearest blog I have run out of my $20 often before lunchtime. And because I do blog for fun, I haven't pushed myself to go past my limits.

To sum up briefly -sorry (my bad) for posting only twice in September AND sorry for October because I am on holidays overseas for most of it but if I can I will be posting a few pics on here.

Hope as always this post finds you happy

Jac x

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