Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick Update and Easter wishes

Hi everyone it's so nice to be writing a post.

Gee it has been a hard few weeks trying to learn how to do things with my left arm but I'm pleased to say that my right arm has been healing nicely. I am almost back to working full time hours again and today I managed to actually touch the top of my head with my right hand - wow it's been ages since I could do that. I'm not going to lie and say it's all been sunshine and smiles because it hasn't. Some days have been very hard - especially when you come equipped with a voice that is happy to tell you how crap you are without any encouragement. But overall I am getting there and determined to remain positive.

I hope to be back writing posts and sharing my thoughts by commenting on your posts again soon (in my head I am thinking by May). The husband and I continue planning for our trip to the US and our latest batch of renovations are almost complete - so expect a pic heavy post about that when I'm back on deck.

Anyway I just wanted to quickly come on to say Happy Easter and I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Hugs and chocolate to you all.

Jac x