Saturday, March 17, 2012

Haul: Zoya True Collection with swatches

SCORE - I found this completed blog post sitting in my drafts with pictures and all. Enjoy!

I've really not had my eye on the game as Zoya released both the True and the Feel collections without me even noticing. I also had a bloody hard time finding these online until I returned back to my faithful eBay seller who never ever lets me down where this brand is concerned. Now of course You can also find these on Nailsetc.

The True collection contains 6 polishes but 2 are nudes which I didn't order. After picking up the Touch collection last year and already owning Orly's Pure Porcelain (swatched here) my nude collection feels pretty full - at least I can be sensible sometimes lol. Let's take a closer look below at the four colours I did pick up Tru, Lotus, Bevan and Skylar. 

Lotus to me appears to be a muted purple (a new favourite tone of mine) with golden pink shimmer. Zoya describe this colour as a "very soft, dusty blue-toned amethyst purple with colorful shimmer that reflects pink, red and gold". You may notice that the colour applies slightly darker than the bottle which is a shame in my opinion. 

Tru on the other hand is a more red-toned purple that is darker than Lotus but with similar shimmer. To compare Zoya describes this colour as a "saturated, red-toned grape purple with speckled shimmer that reflects gold, orange and red". While I can see the shimmer on the tip, it is less noticeable than in Lotus which I prefer out of the two.

Skylar was the original shade that drew me in - how odd that I would be attracted to a blue shade lol. To me Skylar is a muted blue with silver and gold shimmer. Zoya says Skylar is "a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks". Although they are quite different in colour, in terms of finish and shimmer this colour is somewhat similar to Crystal.

 Lastly I also picked up Bevin. Bevin is a gorgeous almost demure green but still has enough colour not to be considered pastel. It is also the only cream colour I picked up and next to Skylar, Bevin is my pick from the non-nudes in this collection. Zoya describe Bevin as a "dusty, medium sage green with teal tones and a creamy opaque finish."

In fact the more I look at Bevin the more it's becoming a favourite of mine, much like Dove (swatched here) did when I had no idea I needed any grey polish.

Any colours here appeal to you?

Jac x


  1. A couple of these shades (Tru & Skylar) look scarily close to OPI's Holland collection stuff. Makes me wonder: Who dreamt up these shades first?

  2. Bevin looks amazing! You know me & my mints! GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! :^)

  3. These are so nice! I am loving shades of polish like these that are more pastel/creme like. As usual Zoya rules!

  4. I love them all! I I am loving Zoya polishes lately.
    Lotus is definitely my favourite, just gorgeous!


  5. Oooh tru and skylar are so pretty!!! x