Sunday, February 17, 2013

BUY: A rave for Julie G and the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics website.

While in the US I was smart/addicted/cashed up enough to pick up 4 Julie G nail polishes - which I love. However back home in Adelaide I had NFI how to acquire anymore. Enter in Jesse Girl Cosmetics who is the manufacturer the JulieG nail polish line. I was able to order the entire JulieG Holiday 2012 Nail Polish collection (5 polishes) for $14.95 USD plus $10 postage. That's pretty impressive in my opinion.

Cut to 10 working days later (or so) and my polishes arrive securely packaged in a box including an absolute tonne of mineral eyeshadow samples - seriously it was a wod of samples, I was so impressed (and then promptly gave them to Dee). I know that there may be a desire to write off a line created by a "YT Beauty Guru" but seriously I now have 11 polishes and there is not a dud in the bunch. I have a couple of colours that I think are unflattering on me but what doesn't work for me might look gorgeous on someone else. The formula, brush and bottles are just lovely for the $3.99 USD price tag.

Not only do they do bundles of the Holiday collection you can also purchase the 2012 and 2013 lines (27 polishes) for $82.00 which is $3USD per bottle. I have worn but not taken pics of most the shades I own, so I'll be sure to make an effort to do some NOTD or group swatch posts. In the meantime JulieG has videos showing live swatches of her 2012 and Holiday collections. It goes without saying I will be purchasing more of her polishes once my no buy lifts.

I have no hesitation in recommending the following colours I own (and have tried) or Jesse's Girl Cosmetics website based on my experience:
  1. Butterflies and Rosebuds
  2. Dance in the Dark
  3. Julies Fav
  4. Mermaid's Tale
  5. Under Mistletoe
  6. Gift Wrapped
  7. Big Red Bow
  8. Ornamental (looks awful on my skin)
  9. Light it up (nice glitter, not my taste)
Have you tried any polishes in this line? Any colours I need to get? Anything that you have tried from Jesse's Girl that is worth a look once my no buy is over?


P.S I have purchased all polishes with my own money - just in case anyone was wondering.

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