Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful Blogger Award

Rules of the Award:
  • Linked back to the person who gave me the award
  • 7 random things about me
  • 10 blogs to which I am awarding the "Beautiful Blogger" title

Firstly I would like to thank the most lovely Su for giving my little blog this award. If you don't follow her... do it now... then come back and read the rest of this lol.

7 Random things about me:

  1. I love Adelaide. I know it's the cool thing to hate it but I don't!
  2. I am getting more claustrophobic as I get older. Now I struggle to watch movies that contain tight spaces without dry reaching, in my 20s I was much more tolerant.
  3. I care about politics. In fact while at University I imagined being a political aid of some kind in the background of those making power decisions. Strangely like Dee I have ended up working in welfare developing learning materials.
  4. My best friend before my husband was a cat. His name was Hobson and as a kitten he walked into my yard and decided my house was his new home. He had this beautiful habit of following me (when I would get home from work) to my bedroom where I would get changed (anyone with a pet would understand this) and then have a cuddle with me, before adjourning to the lounge room for an evening of sleeping on my lap. He died 3 days before my wedding, after I made one of the toughest decisions of my life to have him put down after he developed sudden and severe seizures. Now I have an engraved rock in my yard celebrating his life. My step-daughter broke my heart one day soon after this by telling me she believed he was an angel cat and drew me a picture.
  5. I cry when other people do - award shows, reality tv, you name it - if they turn on the waterworks I struggle to hold mine back (so annoying). I also cry when I get really angry - clearly my wiring is faulty up there lol.
  6. I used to have a MAJOR crush on Steve Waugh and would often argue with my friends at school over who was better looking Mark Waugh or Steve.
  7. I have never been overseas... but my husband and I started a savings account last year to save for a trip to the US in (hopefully) 2012.

Ten Beautiful Blogs to check out if you haven't already 
I think much like many people I really struggled to limit this to 10 as there are so many blogs I read and enjoy. So think of this more as a starter list, there are so many more on the side bar of my page you can check out as well.
  1. I have to start with Dee aka Miss Prissypants simply because it's a damn good blog. Her swatches are excellent and her reviews are honest. She is the one I go to with all my makeup and skincare questions and lucky for me I currently have a live feed of the Prissypants blog sitting next to me at work as well lol.
  2. Aussie Beauty - the lovely Melbournite not only has fantastic pics on her site but also has a nice no nonsense approach that I love.
  3. The Lip Print - Stef does some great face/eye of the day pics, not to mention great reviews. She also has a love of perfume and photography that she talks about in other blogs that you can link to from her site as well.
  4.  Makeupbymishka - if you ever doubt that makeup is an art please drop past this blog. Mishka is my (like I own her lol) MAC lady and her work on this site is exquisite. Super talented lady.
  5. Seggers: My life in random - is the blog of my lovely friend Heidi who wears all the bright colours I am too scared too... and did a monster haul after her trip to the US earlier this year. I said to her one day "you should start a blog, you would be so random" and she is... delightfully so.
  6. More Nail Polish - when I was trying to find more swatches of Ulta3 polishes (oh I must do a post about that) I discovered this gem of a blog. I especially love the "Franken" polishes that she creates by mixing glitters/pigments with nail polish. If you even just like nail polish check this one out.
  7. Shop my stash - I was actually introduced to this blog by Dee who recommended it. Great swatches!
  8. Scrangie - This is THE blog I go to for nail polish swatches first. The swatches are very accurate and where they are not she'll let you know. I know this a huge blog that pretty much everyone has heard of but in case you haven't do yourself a favour. It simply rocks.
  9. Beauty Broadcast - I have mentioned on here how much I like Emilynoel83's YT videos... well this is her blog. She does swatches, daily nuggets, and random recipes. It's a must if you like her vids at all.
  10. Lovely Gangster - a bit of everything on this site - fashion, makeup, perfume - plus I have her to blame for now owning 12 Ulta3 Nail Polishes and counting!
Jac x


    1. The Hobson story brought tears, awww... Thanks for sharing ♥
      I miss Adelaide sooo much! x

    2. Awwwww Jac!!! You're lovely!!! I'm glad I made your top 10!! xx

    3. Lol u guys rock! Enjoy and I look forward to reading more of your posts x