Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Too Hot, Awards, Welcome and some other stuff

Let me start with a huge thank you to the lovely Su who gave me a Beautiful Blogger Award. Firstly if you haven't been to Su's blog do yourself a favour - her reviews of perfume are fantastic. Secondly, I am pretty wrapped to even get an award. Su I think said it best  "I feel so special and this is most definitely an inspiration to write more." She's so right!

My blog is very new and I only started after Dee encouraged me to blog all the makeup and nail polish rubbish running around my head that my husband was completely over pretending to listen to. To even have followers (who aren't my friends IRL) is pretty awesome and I love the things I have learned from reading other blogs out there. Now I will do  a proper post about this soon but I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Su and also to Dee who got me started :)

For those who aren't aware, I reside in the lovely city of Adelaide and summer can get pretty 45 degrees (Celsius) hot. With the random weather Australia has been experiencing in 2011 it hasn't been as hot as usual but it has been a lot more humid - ewww. All of this means I have been a bit lazy in the evenings, collapsing into the couch after work and watching Biggest Loser Families and a bit of Dexter as well.

As you can imagine the makeup has been pretty basic/plain and I have gone back to wearing my Everyday Minerals foundation again. I have a heap of NOTD pics to post as I have been painting my nails and a review of a moisturiser I have been using that I think is awesome (and it's under $15AUD).What is lacking at the moment, is the motivation lol. However this weekend my step kids are over and I will have additional arms for swatching so I should be back in business.

And while I have been slack, it looks like a few people have stopped by to follow my blog. So I just wanted to say a big hi to everyone who is new, thanks for the comments and to let you know that new posts are coming - really!

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying cool if it's summer where you are as well.
Jac x


  1. Thanks Chloe:)Enjoy summertime! Missing the hot weather.

  2. Thanks for lovely words and the plug Jac :)
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Meanwhile, stay cool! x

  3. Oh it's so nice that you say all these sweet words for these girls,I'm going to check out their blogs right now!Kisses!

  4. Thanks Rania. I hope you like them as much as I do :)