Monday, February 28, 2011

Palmer's Night Renewal Cream

Last year Palmers decided to expand their range by releasing new skin care products. Soon afterwards, I read a review of their eye cream that was very positive and I promptly filed that away in my brain for later.  I should also say that I have never used their body products before as I am not a fan of cocoa butter smells generally.

 The money I have wasted trying major brands only to break out in a couple of days is enough to make me cry – so I decided to try something more budget friendly – enter Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream.

I have hesitated in writing this review because unlike many review-based blogs that have a system (like Temptalia or Grey) I was unsure how to best organise my thoughts to make this  review useful for readers. I finally came up with – packaging, smell, texture,  performance against it’s claims and value for money.

Packaging – I like it. It is simple and reasonably forgettable.  I know some people hate jars because of the hygiene factor and possible degradation of ingredient but  I kept mine on the night stand so it was out of the way and sealed tightly.

Smell – in reading other reviews of this product some people noted that this had a strong fragrance – I tend to disagree but Lancome (my daytime moisturiser) are well known for strong fragrances so perhaps I am not a great judge. I certainly couldn’t smell anything once it was on my face and the scent is much more delicate than their body products.

Texture – I love the feel of this cream. It does have a thicker texture than a lotion but it is in no way gloopy or greasy. The cream itself is quite silky and I certainly feel softer in the morning after using it as well as when applying the cream at night. It does take a minute or so to be completely absorbed but as it is for night use this isn’t a real drawback for me.

Performance against its claims

They Say:

  •  “loaded with targeted skin firming and smoothing ingredients”
  • “leave(s) skin soft, smooth and radiant”,
  •  “maintain(s) moisture levels throughout the night for smoother, softer skin.
I say

  •  I am not sure I can see any firming here but when my skin is hydrated my wrinkles seem milder anyway.
  • I definitely agree with soft and smooth. I haven’t seen any brightening of my skin but I am pleased with the overall effect 
  • Definitely agree that my skin feels more hydrated and pretty much like it did in my teens when I wake up.
I have consistently used this on my whole face including my eyes at night, where I had a persistent dry patch on my eyelid. After 3 days the patch disappeared and it hasn’t come back. I have no irritation with my eyes after application either. A very impressive but unexpected bonus.
Value for Money – I cannot express enough how fantastic I think this product is when considering I saw a great improvement in my skin’s hydration and softness without any breakout (even during summer). My first jar is almost empty now and I have been using this almost every night since November/December. And I get all of that for approximately $13 AUD. I love this stuff!


  1. :) I didn't know Palmers did a night cream!

  2. Great review! Nice bargain too. I love Palmer's body products. Will give this one a try :)

  3. I'm really liking all of the new Palmer's face products, they're good quality and so cheap.

  4. I quite like this night cream too, but I find it too heavy for me to use during the summer months. It's perfect for winter night use though! Great review!

  5. looks like i'll have to give palmer's skin care a try.

  6. I've been seeing a lot of their commercials on tv lately and was definitely intrigued but after your review I think I'll try some of it out! :)

  7. Wow thanks for all the comments guys!

    I have to agree with Makeup and Macaroons that it might be a bit heavy in summer if you don't suffer from dry skin like me so just take care if you are trying it now.

    BTW if anyone is interested in hearing more -I am trying their eye cream and cleanser which I picked up a week or so ago so I will post about those once I have given them a fair road test.

    I am just happy to see that this review was helpful -phew!