Monday, October 3, 2011

Empties August - September 2011

I was so lazy last month (and back logged with reviews) that I didn't post an empties or a favourites post. I am so over writing reviews (mostly cos I think I am rubbish at them) that I decided to do something else for a while. So this week I have hauls, NOTDs and this empties post -ahhhhh back in my comfort zone again.

I think I'll do my giveaway at the end of this week - there have been numerous giveaways going on (I won 2 lol) so figured I would wait a bit before doing mine, I hope you don't mind. Anyway blabber, blabber, blabber let's get on with the empties shall we? 

Dr Lewinn's Synergise Anti-ageing Facial Scrub
This was given to me by Dee after she had reviewed it for Beauty Heaven I believe (she'll correct me in the comments if I am wrong). I loved the product itself which had a lovely apple scent and is available exclusively in Coles in Australia. My only compliant is the texture of the tube - it's semi-NARS packaging in texture and towards the end it became very difficult to get the product out. I'm undecided if I would buy this again. I attempted to see the price on the Coles website - but that site is sh*t and wouldn't let me see products without signing up. Not happening Coles. 

Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower gel in Cucumber and Mint
I loved it - I've reviewed it on here already so let's move on. Definitely would buy again.

Sukin Creamy Cleanser
Loved this as well and also reviewed on here.  I will buy this again.

Lush Smitten hand cream
I've also reviewed this one but I think from memory it has been discontinued. Great hand cream for dry skin. You will be missed.

Lush Ocean Salt facial scrub
I've gone through a few of these and I love using it in summer. This last tub was a little different - it was more blue. I'm a bit over Lush at the moment but I know I'll go crawling back in during summer because I always do.

Palmers Night Cream 
Lol how many times have I mentioned my love of this product? I'd be using it now except I am trying a moisturiser sent to me. Love it and will be buying this again. I think this is my second or third jar. 

L'oreal Gentle Make-up Remover for Eyes and Lips
I never used this on my lips. This is one of those shake it up eye makeup removers. It was gentle and it did effectively remove anything on my eyes. However when you turn it upside down to put some on your cotton pad it dribbles everywhere. Crappy form L'oreal. I'm already looking elsewhere for an effective eye makeup remover and I am trying the Neutrogena one included in the ABC goodie bag right now.

KMS Moistrepair restructuring therapy
Last time I had my hair done at Liquid Hair I picked up a KMS pack - that was probably a year ago now. This hair mask smells just incredible and always made my hair feel so soft. I did find that it weighed my hair down slightly but I think that is because my is so fine. I think KMS products are lovely and would recommend them to most people.

Well that finishes up what went out my door - next post is about some of the stuff that came in - HAULING!

Have an awesome week guys
Jac x


  1. i want ocean salt!!!! can't wait for your haul post :D

  2. I tried that Palmers Night Cream before but it was far too rich for me, so gave it to mum. But I have been using their Day Cream as a night cream instead, works a treat!

  3. You could have asked me - I have a Coles account. $20.55, currently on spesh for $13.96.

  4. Great list of empties :) I want Palmer's Night Cream and Sukin Cleanser, but I have so many on the go. Not buying till I finish my stuff but I will soon :)

  5. Question: does the sukin cleanser remove makeup? because I have been on the hunt for the longest time for creamy cleansers that do, and they are so hard to find!

  6. Jade - ocean salt is nice and scratchy.

    Lilit - oh that is good to know, I suspected that it was only good for those with super dry skin.

    Dee - thanks hon. I forgot you'd have one.

    Su - I just got another Palmers, I cannot live without it anymore.

    Tegan - it sure does -but I don't wear super long wearing foundations and I didn't use it to remove eye makeup. During that time I was mostly using Healthy Mix foundation from memory.

  7. Love sukin anything!! Love lush ocean salt too- havent used it in forever though- the smell is so refreshing!!

  8. Julie - me too and I am using their hand cream at the moment too. I think in another month or so I'll be crawling to LUSH for that scrub again.

  9. Let us know how it goes with the Neutrogena remover because I have the same problem with the L'Oreal remover bottle dribbling and leaking (it's a nightmare on plane travel, definitely goes in a ziplock bag because of the leaks). It's a real shame because I love the product itself.