Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Dolce by MOR hand and body wash in Sorbet

One of the items I immediately pulled out to try after the Adelaide Beauty Conference was Dolce by MOR's hand and body wash in Sorbet because once I smelt it I was never going to be able to leave it alone. They describe this as "a cocktail of lemon, lime and coconut blended with a delicious vanilla base" and I agree with my more basic description of YUUUUUUM! I've also found that the scent tends to stay on the skin for a while which is nice if you don't want to wear a perfume. On days where I have worn perfume, the scent does not interfere with it.

Those of you know have read my reviews know that unless packaging is bad or not up to scratch (yes I am thinking of you NARS Sheer Glow with your twist top bottle) I am not really fussed either way. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate when companies do go to the trouble of making their items look fabulous like MOR have with the Dolce range. I've put a PR picture below of the range so you can see how lovely the packaging is.

It's gorgeous right? The only issue for me is because the bottle is short and wide it doesn't fit in my shower caddy (but would be perfect if you were using it as a hand soap.

The product itself is clear and I tend to need between 6-10 pumps to lather my entire body (it is possible that you may not have as much "body" as I do and will use less of course). To compare it to my Body Shop one - I might use just slightly more  - as the pump size provided each time with this product is suitable for hand washing.

For those with dry skin, this doesn't appear to be a moisturising formula but I have not found it drying in anyway. In essence this is a lovely shower gel - definitely great for including as part of a gift given how gorgeous the packaging is.

Now when it came time to write the review I went online to MOR's website to see the price and stockists - and went into a complete panic when I could not find the product listed. So in desperation I completed  a website proforma contact form to ask it had been discontinued. I am happy to report this is still a current product and:
  1. There are more products in the range which is stocked at Target in Australia.
  2. They have a special running from the 6th to the 12th of October where if you "Buy any 2 Dolce by MOR Products and receive a BONUS Shimmering Puff". See it does pay to do your homework :)
  3. There are actually 3 scents in the Dolce by MOR range - Sorbet (think Homer Simpson drooling over doughnuts), Honey and Pomegranate.
  4. The Dolce range has its own website.
On a side note I have to say how lovely and helpful Breana from MOR was in answering all my questions. Thanks Breana! She even sent though the MOR product portfolio - my god I just want more! (no pun intended).

The Dolce by MOR range is available from Target in Australia and Farmers for those of you in New Zealand. The Hand and Body Wash is $14.95 for 350ml. Also available in each of the scents is hand and body lotion, hand cream, candle, lip candy and soap cake.

Have you tried anything from the Dolce by MOR range?

Disclaimer: I received this product as an attendee of the Adelaide Beauty Conference. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Please note I have used PR images only in this post as I am still getting used to my new camera - did you see the pictures in my last post - craptacular!

And If you want to find out more about the sale I have attached the information sent to me below. There is also mention of a sale for NZ customers on the website (from what I can see).


  1. I love Mor products! The packaging and the smell of Sorbet looks and sounds amazing :)
    I had no idea that Dolce had its own website. Thanks for that, off to check out :)

  2. Hey Su - I know I had no idea either. Sorbet is all kinds of lovely!