Friday, October 7, 2011

Let the hauling begin..

Sorry for the delay in posting this haul. Those who read my tweets already know I have been home with sore ribs this week caused by an ongoing viral infection that just does not want to leave my body. In the last month and a half I have had 9 days of personal leave (all with a medical certificate) and I AM STARTING TO FREAK OUT.

I hate not being a work (yes I am a geek), I hate being seen as a "sick" person and my independent streak gets all bitchy about that perception I can tell you. Thank god I have had all of these new pretties to keep me company - and to keep my mood mild (well for the most part it has been mild).

And so we begin our journey with a group order to MAC USA (cos there is no way I am paying AUD prices if I can help it) with Nessa and Michelle.

Products pictured from left clockwise:
* Paint Pot in Indianwood
* Cream colour base in Hush
* Eyeshadow in Brule
* Prep and Prime (Oh thank god I have this again)
* Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Gotta Dash!
* Lipstick in High Tea

You would not believe all the trouble Nessa had with this order so big big thanks to her for this one - she went above and beyond to satisfy our MAC cravings. Soon after that Priceline had a crazy special on Maybelline products - 3 face products for $30. I'm only human right?

Pictured above:
* Maybelline Super Stay 24 Makeup Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
* Maybelline fit me foundation in 115 (Ivory)
* Maybelline fit me concealer in 15 (Fair)
* Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation in 71 (abricote clair)

I picked up the Bourjois foundation as my Healthy Mix foundation is almost finished finally - that stuff lasts for freakin' forever. To be honest I'm a bit meh with the new one but I have to give it a chance and it is common for me to hate a foundation the first couple of times I use it.

One of the good (or bad if you are my bank account) things about the Adelaide Beauty Conference was getting reintroduced to brands I had ignored for a while - most notably - Australis. I'm not sure what Australis did to make me lose interest in them but for years I have walked straight past their displays without a second glance. Enter the ABC goodie bag with their HD blush and eyeshadow  palette (which I will get around to showing you as they look great) and my interest was peaked again. Off to Priceline I trekked again:

Pictured above:
* Ready Set Go Finishing Powder in True Translucent
* Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Mambo (love this so much)
* Lash TLC Mascara in Blackest Black

Then the following week Priceline had another special on Australis and I went back in - specifically to get an eyeshadow product which I will explain fully when I show this stuff in more detail but I also got a free mascara (yes another one lol).

Pictured above:
* Paparazzi Perfect HD eyeshadow in Snap Attack
* Mint Condition Lip Gloss in Meow with your mind (OMG love this too)
* Freebie mascara: Voluptulash Mascara in Blackest Black.

While on one of these missions to Priceline I also decided to check out some Burt's Bees products, a Cetaphil cleanser (the lovely PR people sent me one for oily skin that is destined for Noodle Arms so I picked up one for me to try instead), and a Revlon lipstain in Dawn (I'm not sure about this yet, the colour seems to go on uneven).
I wont list these below as you can see the details in the picture and yay for me for such a clear picture with my new camera.

I know what you are thinking - wow that was a good haul - but what made you think it was over lovely readers? Yes I had one more spending spree to complete and that was for a little brand called Palladio that I have been mulling over ever since EmilyNoel83 mentioned them a year(?) ago. The place I found that had the best range that also shipped to Australia was the Makeup Geek Shop - and as I am a big fan of Marlana I was happy to buy from there:

Pictured above:
* Rice Powder in Translucent
* Herbal Foundation Primer
* Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Golden Pink
* Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Cotton Candy

Now I'd love to say it all finished there but I've been home alone for a week and I have more parcels coming. I also picked up some more skincare (check out my empties post if you need to know why) and a Face of Australia foundation a couple of days ago. I blame FOA though for having a foundation light enough for me with SPF15 for less than $12 - I was clearly provoked there!

Now if there is anything you would like me to prioritise for review and or swatching just leave a request below.

Hope you all have a great weekend
Jac x


  1. Someone has been going crazy hauling there! Hope you're feeling better soon, and don't worry about the 9 days of sick leave. I'm sure no one sees you as a "sick" person if the 9 days is all you're worried about, just someone going through a "sick period".

  2. WooHoo, great hauling! Naturally I'd like to know about the Palladio lip balms :)

  3. Great haul! Indianwood looks lovely as well as the mint lip gloss!

    Oh how I miss hauling :( -sniff-

  4. That is some major hauling! I love the MAC haul and Priceline is just unbeatable for a quick fix :)
    I do see some of my favourites! Firstly, Colour inject lipstick is just awesome! I heart Burts bees lip shimmers :) And I recently got Palladio powder and it is so great! I have to check out Makeup Geek Shop, thanks for that :) I'd like to hear your thoughts on Palladio primer and the lip balms.
    Hope your rib pain eases and you spring back :) Sending you good health vibes! x

  5. Lilit - thanks for your thoughts x. I think it's easy to think it's the end of the world at home in my pjs day after day lol.

    Annisa - I love those lip balms. I have now tried both and will do some swatches asap. They seem to be all kinds of fab so far.

    Vintage - I am also loving Indianwood, it is even prettier than I had hoped it would be. On the plus side you can stop sniffing lovely as I think this is my last haul for a while believe me.

    Dee - yes I said mild...what of it ;)

    Su - so glad to hear you love those lipsticks too. I cannot believe how gorgeous it is. I am yet to try the shimmer but imagine they will come in handy during summer. Thanks for your well wishes too hon x

  6. Wow amazing haul! I'm very jealous since I've been trying to cut back lately haha!

    I used to avoid Australis like the plague but they won me over with their high coverage tinted moisturiser and now everytime I go into Priceline they seem to have another new amazing product out. Screen Siren actually kicked Orgasm out as my new HG blush...

  7. Fantastic haul! I really like Maybelline for drugstore make up, I'm thinking of trying Fit Me soon.

  8. Ella - I love when we get to rediscover an old favourite brand. The colour inject lipstick is AMASING!

    Jaztee - I have been pleased with both of the Maybelline foundations I picked up. I didn't have high hopes to be honest. Fit Me seems very natural whereas Superstay has a fuller coverage.

  9. ahh what fun, nice haulage my dear :D curious about the Palladio goods, will await reviews :D

  10. Wow, you bank account is definitely crying now xD...but we are very pleased to see all this stuff!!
    I'll wait for the review of Maybelline's foundations :D

  11. Ooohh seeing this just makes me all excited and jealous!! Ordering from the overseas MAC is genius! I've been trying to figure out how to do it :P

    Do you like indianwood or do you prefer/recommend other paintpots?


  12. I really want to try the rice powder but I have super dry skin LOL

  13. Nice hauling Jac!
    That MAC paint pot looks stunning!
    You cleaned up well. Have a shop!