Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five to Try: BYS


As an obsessed beauty blogger I have tried many products from many brands. I figured I might share my picks if you are looking to try a new brand because whether a brand is at the high or low end, they all have hits and misses in my experience. So my first Five to Try post is for BYS which is a cheaper makeup brand available here in Australia. My picks are in no particular order by the way.

1. Slimline Lipgloss (RRP $4.95) in Pinch of Peach - This is a great shiny lipgloss that has great colour pay off. It's not sticky and has no smell or taste. It comes in a few different colours but I of course loved the peach.

2. Nail Polish* in Love Boat (RRP $4.95)- NOTD pics here. It's just a great blue polish.

3. Brow Liner ( sorry I couldn't find the RRP on this one but it was not more than $4.95) in Blonde - This is a great brow pencil - it works well for colouring in my bows and the brush at the other end makes it easy to shape naturally. This is pretty much a HG brow product for me after Revlon stopped making my previous HG brow product and so much cheaper!

4. Blush in Peach Sundae (RRP $3.95)- it's a gorgeous shimmery true peach. A perfect summer colour. A HG peach shade for me - I am sick of those dark peach shades people. Check this pretty out close up -

5. Bronzing Powder in light shine (RRP $6.95) - if you like shimmer in your bronzer you have to try this. It has 3 shades so you can get the colour or colours you want. Love this product and the packaging is gorgeous -

Bonus Product: I could not end before mentioning the following product but as I am still yet to use it I can't say if it will work for me but on packaging alone I'd be stuffing them in as stocking fillers. Below are 2 of the Animal Instincts Eye shadows* (RRP $4.95) - can you even get over how gorgeous they look?  The only reason I haven't used them is because they are too pretty - a common problem I have (*cough Naked Palette cough*).

 Animal Instincts Eyeshadow in Naturals

  Animal Instincts Eyeshadow in Purples*

Anything else that is a must try from BYS to add to this list guys? You know I can think of another couple already but I wanted to keep these lists to 5 products per brand where possible lol.

Jac x

Disclaimer: Products with an * were provided by PR but my opinions are always my own.


  1. I'd definitely recommend the long wear lipsticks! The have great colour payoff, are super creamy and do last long. Considering they're not more than $4 I'd say that's amazing!


  2. Oh, great list! I actually like some of BYS products, great value for money. I like the liquid liner the best! The brush is nice and very precise :) I also have baked eyeshadows, very pigmented.
    I'm loving the animal print eye shadow palettes! Reminds me of the patterns in Guerlain quads :D

  3. I love their two-tone heat sensitive polishes. Such amusement!! Peach sundae looks a bot delicious!!

  4. They have a metallics 8-palette which is all golds and bronzes and it is beyond awesome. And I use their white eyeliner as a lower waterliner and cant tell the difference between it and the 10-times-as-expensive Kit Cosmetics white liner.

  5. Gianna - That's one of the products I had in mind. They are so creamy.

    Su - I know how cute are they. I still can't bring myself to 'ruin' them by using it lol.

    Julie - Oh I haven't tried that and you have to get that blush, it's even prettier in person. :D

    Suzanne - Ok I have to hunt that palette down and will have to try their white liner too. Enabled :)

  6. I do like their blushes, but my sister pinched mine!

  7. Jade - lol at least they are only $3.95 so you can get another one x

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