Monday, September 26, 2011

NOTD: BYS' Love Boat

BYS is a brand I have heard mixed things about ( I first heard about one of their face mosaic powders) but have never taken the time to investigate further. Little did I know that not only do they produce makeup they have a pretty sizable nail polish line as well (squee).

I was lucky enough to be sent this nail polish to try by PR and I just think this colour is lovely. If it is a greenish-blue or blueish-green I have no idea, all I do know is I like it and it is a perfect summer colour. As for the formula I found it slightly runny (which is fine once you get the hang of it) and the brush made it quite easy to apply and get an even coat. Drying time was reasonable and in the photos taken I am wearing 2 coats without any top coat.

Now I find myself in a bit of a dilemma as I am on record as HATING a VNL but for some reason even though you can just see it in this shade it didn't bother me. After spending some time thinking about this I think I know why - when I glanced at my nails I didn't notice the VNL, it was only when I held them up to look at them in front of my face I could see it. To be honest I think a third coat would have made it opaque but I didn't have the time when applying to go to third coat (and then I really didn't care about the VNL).

So what does it all mean - well BYS Nail Polishes are sold for $4 in a stack of locations and if you need a colour pronto and you don't want to or cant spend big dollars this hits the spot for me. Now if you are thinking "Jac you tried 1 polish how do we know about other colours in the range" well... fear not... I'm saving my exploration of a few other BYS polishes for my next post (which I will probably publish tomorrow).

    Anyone else for the Love Boat? (I had to right?)

    Jac x

    Disclaimer: This polish was provided by PR for consideration.


    1. I'm def on the BYS loveboat. I've only tried a couple of their polishes, but I'm a huge fan of their lippies. Such good quality and less than $4!

    2. Welcome aboard Lilit :) I haven't tried any of their lipsticks so need to check them out pronto. Love the prices too.

    3. Wish we had BYS here! That colour looks lovely :)

    4. I have a few of the bys polishes and quite like them :) I should make and effort to swatch them for the blog :)

    5. Vintage - oh no... you probably don't want to see my next post then. ;)

      Jade - yes definitely hon -the more swatches the better!