Sunday, December 11, 2011

My first FOTD featuring Face of Australia....

There aren't many reasons that will get me to put my face out there... in fact it took Face of Australia to release their illuminators to make me even want to try.  Oh god... am I really doing this... (scared!)

Foundation: Face of Australia Lasting Looks Natural Finish SPF15 in Natural Ivory
Blush: Face of Australia Illuminator in Angel blush* ( can you see the pretty glow on this one?)

Brows: BYS brow pencil in blonde
Eyes: Model's Prefer Mocha Eyeshadow kit 
Mascara: Australis TLC mascara

Lipstick: Face of Australia lipstick in Nude Satin
Lipgloss: Australis mint lipgloss in Meow with your mind

Can I just say it's a bit of an accident that this face has a lot of FOA products in it - I didn't even realise until I wrote this one up but I love all 3 of the products mentioned here.

Have a great week guys - I have a tonne of polishes to share with you

Jac x

p.s please be nice in the comments guys it took pretty much all my courage to press the publish post button.

Disclaimer: Items marked with an * have been provided by PR for review. As always my opinions are my own.


  1. Gorgeous! So glowy and fresh! :)

  2. Naturally glowing! More please! ^_^

  3. Oh i love the glow of your cheeks! Have being getting my xmas day look figured out, but didnt like the blushes i have for the look i wanted. I will have to go try FOA out. Think it might just be what i need. Thanks :)

  4. I don't know why anyone would say anything mean. You're gorgeous!
    the only FOA product I have is the eyeshadow base and that is pretty good.. never tried anything else thought! Were you planning a foundation review?

  5. I'm in love with your cheeks... that color is gorgeous :)

  6. Gorgeous! Loving the pretty glow :)

  7. You look lovely, that blush really suits you.

  8. Yeay, now that you've popped the FOTD cherry that means you'll have to do more! Your skin looks ah-may-zing! So glowy.


  9. Love it! Would really love to see a review of the FOA illuminators, I'm in a very highlight-y phase at the moment haha

    Hannah xo

  10. What a beautiful FOTD, you look gorgeous!

  11. You look radiant Jac, I wonder how similar these FOA illuminators are to the nars ones :)

  12. I love this look! Must say I've never been very confident with highlighters, but the FOA ones have been woonderful. Angel Flame (the pinky bronze) is my favorite!

  13. Hey, nice to see you! You're wearing one of my favourite lip glosses too! :)

  14. nice and glowy. love the lip color!

  15. Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for their kind comments and I'll try to answer any questions I've picked up reading your comments below:

    Gianna - yes I am planning a foundation review (spolier: I love it) :D

    Hannah - I'm working on an illuminator review at the moment - hope to post that soon.

    Jade - I'm not sure, unfortunately I don't own any NARS ones - and now I wont be running out to buy any either ;)

  16. I love this FOTD Jac. Your skin looks quite amazing in this photo and your cheeks are beautiful- dewy and illuminated. The makeup looks quite natural and really enhances your beautiful skin. I'd love to see more FOTDs, similar to this one with illuminators since I am addicted to them.
    Great post xx

  17. I likey Nude Satin. PS Woot Woot and yay you for popping your FOTD cherry xx

  18. Nawww sugar you look fantastic. i'd kill for your cheeks. You are so much more braver than I. Well done and keep them coming.

  19. Thanks again for all the lovely comments - I really appreciate how supportive everyone has been x

  20. Loving this look, haven't tried the FOA illuminators yet, but think I will now after seeing how it translates on your fair skin as a blush.

    ps. Your skin is flawless - what a great canvas to work with!