Friday, December 30, 2011

NOTD: Zoya's Meadow


Pretty is the perfect word to describe Meadow. I cannot even remember why I decided to pick up Meadow - it's certainly not bright or blue or green or sparkly but there is something so unforgetable about it. Zoya call Meadow a "soft medium pinkish peach with mauve undertones and warm frosty golden shimmer" and I'd tend to agree with that description. All pictures are shown with 2 coats in natural sunlight.

If you prefer more netural/muted tones or you feel you can't quite carry off the nude look then this is a must have shade for me.


p.s what the hell was going on with my cuticles??? Sorry guys.


  1. Lovely, lovely, very lovely shade! Simply beautiful :)

  2. This is lovely! I can see it going with everything :)

  3. Haute-style - it really is a pretty colour - even better in person.

    Su- this would look gorgeous against your skin tone.

    Vintage - I agree!

  4. Wow, I love this colour!
    I need some more Zoya in my life I think.

  5. I love the colour! I usually stick to light pink and nude shades, so this I guess would be a little bit brighter and more pingmented than what I usually wear. Like it!