Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: SAX Perfect Veil Foundation SPF15

The last couple of months I have had a chance to try a couple of great inexpensive Australian foundations that include sunscreen and the first one I am sharing is Sax's Perfect Veil Foundation with SPF15. Sax cosmetics are located in pharmacies across Australia and if you haven't bumped into them before they have an extensive stockist listing on their website. So let's get on with the review shall we:

Unlike any other drugstore foundation I can think of this foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Now I know as many people will hate the idea of glass that love it but for me it's a nice change. I love the pump and quite frankly I love Sax's packaging generally.

This foundation has a distinctive scent - it's a little cocoa butter but nicer. Personally I like the scent but either way once the product is on I didn't the scent anymore. Whatever the scent is it's not fruity and for me THAT IS AWESOME.

This is a thicker foundation. Please don't mistake what I am saying though, this is easily to apply and work into the skin but being that it has SPF included it's not runny like some foundations can be. I really like the texture of this foundation -including the finish it gives to my skin. This foundation is designed to give a sheer to medium coverage so don't expect it to cover all your skin crimes - but it certainly does the job on my skin.

Performance against its claims:
They say:
  • Designed to create a natural finish with a sheer to medium coverage.
  • Glides onto the skin.
  • Infused with a powerful antioxidant rich vitamin E to rejuvenate the skin.
I say:
  • Definitely provides a natural finish with good coverage.
  • Very easy to apply and not sticky like some foundations with SPF can be.
  • Sounds nice and certainly feels moisturising - not sure how I'd test that though.

Value for money:
This foundation retails for $19.95 AUD which makes it a mid range foundation for the drugstore crowd. I would say it's not the bargain of the year but certainly worth the money especially given that the SPF ingredients don't upset my skin (ie break me out).

Overall: A really nice quality foundation with SPF and I love being able to wave that Australian flag proudly where this company is concerned. I use the lightest shade Fair. I have enjoyed all of the Sax items I have tried and suggest you give them a go if you haven't already. (I am already eyeing off their nail polishes on their home page as we speak lol).

Jac x


  1. When I first read this I though it said "Perfume Veil Foundation" & I thought "why would anyone want perfume on their face?" and then I realized..

    Fab review, it sounds nice & like that it has SPF :)

  2. Great review Jac! I should find a place that stocks SAX, I have actually not seen it around. Will surely check out the foundation, sounds really good :)

    1. Thanks Su x

      I think Sax is definitely flying under the radar and this foundation is quite lovely. The other one I have to review is the FOA Lasting Finish which also has SPF15