Friday, January 4, 2013

Blog: 12 things I'll remember about 2012

Rather than doing a favourite post or series of posts I thought I'd summarise the big things I'll remember from 2012.

1. Good health is everything
Trust me I couldn't even tell you all the health things that went wrong with me in 2012 without sounding like a crazy hypochondriac so I'm not even going to try. What I will say is that having pretty consistent health issues this year reminded me that health is something to be treasured and worked on. I'm doing what I can even now to ensure I have a healthier 2013.

2. Learn patience now or life will teach you anyway
I have often joked that I have so many other virtues that I didn't need to learn patience - I WAS WRONG. From being part of a recruitment process that started in April and is yet to be finalised, to having to wait for my husband so I could get dressed (ah yes broken arm I am still bitter about that) I was quite the ball of angry for part of this year. But at the end of the day I learned that while I can stress all I like, the things I do not control don't care if I am stressing so it's better to spend that energy doing something else.

3. I love travelling
I had suspected that I would love going to the US this year but OMG I LOVED it so much that we are planning to go back in 2015 (we have a cruise in October to get through first). I loved using different money, seeing different stores and landmarks and mostly I loved vacating my life for a short period of time. Having said that we saved every dollar before leaving and I would not go into debt for a holiday.

4. I love my husband
Being away in the US and leaving all of our everyday stresses (total #firstworldproblems) behind gave me time to realise how much I genuinely enjoy spending time with my husband and how lucky I am to feel just as in love with him as when we met. I know it's smushy but it's true so deal with it lol.

5. Friends are worth more than gold
While I was in a negative tailspin with the constant dramas and health issues of 2012, I had friends who listened to me whinge, made me laugh, made me feel special (even while I was covered in shingles) and generally kept me going. To those people I want you to know how thankful I am and how much your friendships have meant to me. Thanks especially to Sarah (still the smartest person I've ever met), Tara and Dee.

6. Sephora is indeed a wonderland
Well they couldn't all be deep and meaningful lol. OMG when I walked into Sephora at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland I swear I heard angels singing. It was big, glorious, clean, not too crowded and had a nail bar right at the front luring me in like a magnet. I am going back there again and it has to be said the service was incredible!

7. I gave into the polish addiction
I actually spent the 31/1/12 entering all of my nail polishes into a spreadsheet as my newest fear is that I will begin buying dupes. Too late - I discovered I had already done that twice and that I didn't own a polish I was 100% sure that I did. Anyways once I catalogued all 302 shades it occurred to me that 1. I have an addiction and 2. that's ok. I don't drink, smoke or have any other expensive hobbies so polish is it for me. That being said I am not interested in buying just for the sake of it, there has to be something different or unusual. Edit: as of the 04/01/2013 I now own 316 - I don't want to talk about it ;)

8. I discovered indie nail polish
So Hare polish has been on my radar for a while but I really discovered it after Rhada and Jen on twitter got me looking at 2 websites - Llarowe and Harlow and Co. OMG seriously look at those sites and tell me that indie nail polish isn't something really exciting in the polish world. Not sure where to start then look at A England, Hare and KBShimmer.

9. Skincare that works
I have to thank Dee for introducing me to Paula's Choice a few years ago but I really only got on the bandwagon a couple of months ago. I really enjoy using their products and particularly appreciate being able to use a moisturiser with SPF that doesn't break me out. I use mostly the skin recovery and earth choice ranges and have very little issues with congestion (unless I am lazy and use makeup wipes at night to take my makeup off).

10. I am not entitled
One of the things that I hate hearing more and more in the public domain is how we are entitled to things. I deserve baby bonus as I pay taxes and had a baby, I paid taxes so I deserve an age pension, we need better roads but I want a tax cut and so on. I earn a good wage, I have a strong social conscience (which I thank my parents for) so I am ok with my taxes going towards the roads I use, the hospitals I visit and welfare payments for those in need. After working for the government for more than 10 years and seeing the shame people feel for claiming payments they are eligible for, I don't buy into the "I want to spend my money how I want" argument. I am part of a society and I believe I should actively participate and contribute. Just my opinion.

11. Chanel Vitamlumire Aqua did not change my life
I bought it, I use it and it's lovely BUT so is Nars Sheer Glow. This is a good foundation that I believe has been overhyped (a pet peeve of mine) and is certainly not worth the $80+ AUD price tag it has in Australia. Its best selling point is that it disappears into the skin and has a sunscreen. Oh and the packaging is travel friendly. Meh.

12. Jo'mina was worth waiting for
This polish by Illamasqua has been on my wish list for years (at least it feels that way) and it was worth the wait. It is just as gorgeous as you expect it to be. Highly recommend!

It's a personal decision of mine that I try and find something to learn about everything that happens to me but as I work in learning that is no real surprise. Welcome 2013 - I look forward to seeing what you have to offer too.

Anything special you'll remember about 2012?



  1. Words of wisdom, Jac! Seems like you had a great 2012 actually, though I am sorry about the health and stress :(
    2012 for me will go down as the year where I spent quality time with family back at home and I moved!
    Happy 2013 :) x

    1. Yeah I definitely had a great 2012. Glad you got to spend quality time with family too hon. Happy 2013 x

  2. Seems like a great list! I love the sephora point! makes me excited to go there now!

    1. It's so much better than what I had even hoped it would be. Get there stat! x :)

  3. I love all if this! Agree with Paulas Choice, I only have a few products but will get more. That website is so educational. I love that its free from BS
    And number 10 on your list sums up how I feel perfectly...

    1. Yay someone else who loves Paula's Choice and definitely also appreciate BS free nature of the products. Thanks for also agreeing on no 10 too. :D x