Sunday, January 6, 2013

Current nail polish wish list

What else do you do when you are on a no buy except look at things you do want to purchase:

  • Servin' Up Sparkle
  • Sprung is a copper shimmer
  • Mermaid's tears
  • Metallic For Life
  • Pirouette my Whistle

  •  Isla
  • Verushka
  • Pasha
  • Vanessa

China Glaze:
  • Four leaf clover
  • Gothic lolita

  • Band Geek*
  • Jack
  • Elle*
  • Shipwreck* 
  • Oh splat!* 
  • Showgirl*
  • Snow Way!

  • Atolla
  • Bisbee*
  • Cosmo blossoms*
  • Dead Man's Bones*
  • Medusa Luminosa*
  • Monster
  • Pegasus*

Emily De Molly:
  • Black forest* 
  • Muted Madness*

A England:
  • St George*
  • Tristam
Enchanted Nail Polish
  • Across the universe
  • Octopus's garden

* currently sold out.

Those indie nail polishes are hard to get your hands on. Items that have been crossed out have been subsequently acquired by me *evil grin*

Happy Sunday

Jac x

P.S. I am periodically coming back in here to cross off when I get my hands on these polishes.


  1. hahahaha that's why I would fail on a "no buy", once I make a list, I need to shop :)

  2. I am trying really hard to be good!

  3. Just thought I'd point out that Emily de Molly has reopened! So both Black Forest and Muted Madness are available again! :D I just received Muted Madness last week and I'm wearing it right now! It is absolutely fabulous!!

    1. Thanks so much. I have purchased a few polishes from her etsy store. I have a small review/look coming.