Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Buy: My most recent Hop Shop Go experience.

Hop Shop Go (HSG) is one of the many mail redirection sites that have entered to market to fill the need of redirecting parcels from the US to other locations such as Australia. I have ordered through this website before and recently went through the experience again to see how it would be this time.

My order consisted of the Urban Decay Vice palette (which I had in my hand while in the US and put back down again - STUPID!!!), a MUFE cream eyeshadow and a Tarina Tarintino Eyeshadow duo. Unfortunately when it arrived the duo and vice palette had broken shadows. I was devastated as TT is no longer sold at Sephora - waaah.

So I dutifully sent photos to HSG asking if they could compensate or replace my broken items. I was issued a claim form which I filled in. My claim took about 9 working days to process but I received an email yesterday to advise that the amount would be credited back to my account.

So would I recommend HSG - I would. You pay through the nose for shipping and you always risk items breaking but through my claim process I found their communication extremely polite and timely. As far as mail redirection services go I found them easy to use in terms of organising my order too. I was compensated the full amount of my damaged items meaning that I could purchase them again if desired. I would hesitate to order palettes again in the future though.

If you are in need of a mail redirection service, I think HSG deserves a look at.

Do you have any redirection services to recommend below?


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  1. What a shame they smashed! I've tried a few forwarding services, but none I'll go back to in a hurry, so maybe will try HSG next.