Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't Blame Me: Wet and Wild Part 1 (pic heavy)

When I first started to really embrace my beauty obsession I went on the hunt for some YT gurus to tell me what was what. One of the first I found and ultimately my favourite is Emilynoel. Her videos are very well presented and I find her reviews to be extremely accurate. I have purchased on her recommendation several times finding that if she likes something then it is highly likely that I will like it as well.... such as the EOS Lip Balm, Milani Blushes and Wet n Wild.

From what I can tell Wet n Wild is a dirt cheap drugstore brand that has been in the states since the 80s if not before. Mostly their products seem to range in the below $5 region, with many around $2. Being somewhat of a penny pincher, I was eager to try anything that was a) recommended by Emily and if I am completely honest b) something new and different. This was also about the same time I found out about the markup Australian women had on beauty products such as Revlon, Maybelline, Covergirl, MAC etc... Oh yes I had quite the bee in my bonnet about MAC and Revlon in particular but considering I now own several items you can see I am quite fickle as well. lol

Anyway, although I coveted Wet n Wild it was not available until Nonpariellboutique decided to start stocking it... and a fab decision that was as well. Let me show you what I have purchased so far:

Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencils (Price: $1.99 USD)

 From left to right: Envy, Techno, Electro, Graphite and Pixie

Swatches in same order 
(sorry about the thick Graphite swatch but I dropped the pencil and it broke -lol)

 These creme shadow pencils come in 6 colours but I only have 5... I'm not sure why I didn't get the last one. They are smaller than the NYX jumbo pencils but as you can see they provide great colour pay off. I personally wouldn't wear them without topping it with an eyeshadow but you probably could.

Mega Eyes Shadow Pot (Price $1.99)

From left to right: Fine Wink, Sensual Sage, Cherub and Wicked

I love these shadows and in particular Fine Wink which has to be one of my all time favourite shades. The packaging is a on these but er hello they are only $2! A winner for those wanting to experiment with colour. As you can see the black (which has fine shimmer) is extremely pigmented. These come in 8 shades and from memory none of them are Matte.

Color Icon Eye Shadow Palette (Price: $5.00)

Palette pictured is in the colour Vanity

Swatches are from bottom to top Matte side (left) and then shimmer side (right)

The Color Icon range is a newer subset within the WNW family and these palettes come in 4 shades. Personally what I love about these is that one side offers matte shades and while the other offers similar shimmer shades giving them something for everyone. These shadows have lovely colour pay off as you can see and I think given time to play I could great some lovely looks just from this palette alone. A total bargain at $5 for 3 matte and 3 shimmer shades. For those that love colour they have green and purple themed palettes as well.

Sadly it is now that I realise that I have even more wnw products (than shown in the first picture above) and my fingers have grown weary... so grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and part 2 will be up before you know it (well in a couple of days anyway lol)!.


  1. Nice haul! They sound great for the price.
    I have been keen to try the WnW gel liners. Hope to hear your thoughts about them :)

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  4. Hey Su... removed your comment above as it contained your email address :)

  5. Noodles wore Fine Wink to her graduation the other night. It's her favourite eyeshadow - nice and subbetel.