Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Yee-Haw!

I couldn't leave my last NOTD up there any longer. Truly it made me so sad as Color Club is one of my favourite nail brands. In any case I had another pretty one up my sleeve and a happier story as well.

Meet Yee-Haw! from China Glaze's Rodeo Diva Collection - and may I add this was a rippa of a collection as well. Yee-Haw! is a gorgeous metallic golden colour. I have seen this one described as 'peachy' but I don't get the pink although clearly this is not a straight metallic gold either.  I have included another photo to show the colour better -

 This is 2 coats, no top coat and in natural sunlight. This colour applies beautifully, lasts for days and dries quickly. I absolutely love the finish and cannot wait to have this on my nails again.


  1. luv those pretty nails!
    A new follower here.

  2. Welcome gingerSnaps and thanks for commenting on my blog :)