Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mauvement Perfection.

I love MAC's pigments, in particular I love Tan, Shimmertime and now the lovely Mauvement, which I purchased a full size of just before Christmas. This colour is fantastic example of a neutral but not boring colour that makes a little neutral lover like me very excited. I've taken some pics below in sunlight at varying angles to show just how complex and pretty this one is - (no primer used)

While this one is called "Mauve" ment, on me it just throws a pretty golden warmth on my skin, as opposed to that unfortunate purplish bruise look I get with many purple based products. It is shimmery without being chunky and I have worn this several times as an all over eye lid colour. The only con for me (apart from the price which is always prohibitive ) is the packaging. I find it a little difficult to get just a small amount without making a huge mess everywhere. Grrr...

Mauvement was a limited edition product but you may still be able to pick it up at a MAC store near you or online.


  1. It looks gorgeous! I love neutral shades, this one looks perfect :)

    Have you tried piercing holes through the inner plastic lid to make it a sifter kind of thing? I have done that with a couple of my NYX chrome pigments which have similar packaging.

  2. I also absolutely adore Mauvement. It's my favourite MAC pigment and could well be my favourite taupe (which is a HUGE call).

    i agree on the packaging. A few days ago I spilt half the jar of my MAC Jardin Aires pigment... took me ages to clean up that drawer.

  3. Su... get your hands on it SERIOUSLY. I must say the NYX chrome packaging was worse...but only just. I might give that hole thing a try. Thanks for the idea!

    Jen W... I also love Jardin Aires and so glad you love mauvement :)

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so beautiful! I am in love with MAC pigments,
    XOXO from a new follower,

  5. oooh i have the mauvement pigment, it is so lovely!