Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is not a post about Makeup.

Recently I have found it difficult to make myself sit down and write or take pictures or experiment with new products. I started to think that maybe I was running out of steam and that maybe blogging wasn't for me. But in the last couple of days I have realised that the reason my posting has been so sporadic is that I haven't been writing about what's been consuming me. So here goes...

2011 I think will always be remembered for the devastating floods in Australia, followed by a record breaking cyclone, followed by a horrific earthquake in New Zealand. In between these events there have been bushfire, the very public meltdown of Charlie Sheen and an unbearable nastiness in Australian politics that I have never seen before. Suffice to say 2011 has sucked the big one so far.

I'm not sure why this stuff is bothering me more than normal other than it has been just a relentless progression of tragedy and then in stark contrast coverage of inspiring stories of strength and heroism in the face of what Mother Nature has delivered. That being said, the constant reporting and showing of the most distressing images over and over again has begun to really get on my nerves and upset me.

Is it necessary that every time we mention September 11 we see an image of a plane entering a building? Similarly is it necessary to see the same image of someone being rescued from inside a collapsed building after the Christchurch Earthquake? The showing of these images over and over again seems needlessly callus (and in the case of the female being rescued from the building, full footage shows that she did not want to be filmed at what must be one of the most distressing moments of her life).

Please do not mistake my distaste for the thoughtless and needlessly repetitive showing of images by mainstream media sources as a lack of caring. It is because I care about such events that the misuse and abuse of images/stories bothers me so. As result, I have had to limit my time watching the news, considering work was also impacted by the floods, cyclone and fire.

At times like this I normally retreat to my happy place of politics (did you think I was going to say nail polish? lol)... but sadly there is nothing there apart from uninformed nasty trouble making as well. If you don't like a tax, it's ok to say so... but don't invent information to support your cause. Mostly I find the lack of reporters holding such behaviour to account annoying. It's something that saddens me personally as I had often dreamed of being a journalist during my last few years at high school.

So at this point the news is out of bounds...and no politics ( and probably not any good political debate for perhaps years to come)...and I'm not even going to spend a single moment on whatever is going on with Charlie Sheen... let's move on immediately.

So I am left with one question in my mind, has the world changed or is it me? And I would tend to blame outward  except that in late January I received some medical news that was a real wake up call. I'm not sick or going to get sick... so please don't panic or think I am shopping for sympathy here, I just got a wake up call to stop mucking around and get my health back to being a top priority. So that is where my focus is right now and I guess that probably skews my perception of everything else around me.

Now that I have been typing for a while I feel like this post may be perceived as negative or depressing... and honestly that is not my intention. It's just that I have been bothered for a while now by this new style of reporting events and wonder what benefit it adds (apart from preserving evidence of what happened for future generations). This is not a simple issue and I'll probably spend more time trying to nut it out. Although I did hear a piece of advice that I really liked the other day that basically goes along the lines of  whatever you don't get or understand, don't spend time thinking it's wrong, just go that's not for me and move on.

So what of the makeup blog about a girl who likes to sparkle... what will become of her and it? Well I know I'll continue to play with pretty things and post pictures to share. But it's not a 100% of my life so every now and then I'm probably going to post about other stuff that is bugging me or seems important at the time.

I feel the need to insert a funny picture... why... because I want to smile and hope this makes you smile too.

I hope this post finds you all happy and well x


  1. I completely understand! I think we all need to watch less TV and focus more on our own lives. It hard not to get affected by the tragedies around us. But I hope they will all pass through our sieve like memories. You are right, 'move on' is the key word.
    Meanwhile, we have so many sparkly distractions in life. Makeup is always a welcome getaway :)
    Take care :)

  2. lol Su... I agree let's focus on those sparkly distractions :)