Thursday, March 24, 2011

But wait there's more...

Gosh I seem to be no real further caught up in my posts than I was a few weeks ago so I thought I would do a quick dump of what lovelies have made their way to my home (and heart):
  • Too Faced Neutral Eye Kit - got mine from ebay and I am IN LOVE. A great alternative to the Naked palette (I assume) for those who like a bit of shimmer.
  • Gucci's Flora - I got mine in Melbourne on a St Patrick's day special. Just a gorgeous feminine fragrance that is a little sweet and very light. Bliss!
  • Wet n Wild palettes in Silent Treatment and I'm getting sunburned - haven't touched them yet. I'm hoping they will be just as awesome as Walking on Eggshells
  • Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia - this has been my best friend over summer. A true delight and it was my first dip into the Giorgio Armani fragrance range. BTW have you seen the advertising for this one - she is stunning and airbrushed lol.
  • Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse - still trying this one out but so far so good. It's not eligible to be a HG foundation for me as it has no sunscreen. 

I also got a lovely parcel from Su after entering a giveaway on her site to try some of her blends. But being as lovely and generous as she is I ended up with quite a delightful collection of treasures which I have to take a picture of to share here. My job/pleasure for next week is to try out her fragrances and report back. I am super impressed by anyone brave and talented enough to do their own blending. Go Su!

Weather in Adelaide has been crappy which I really don't mind except sometimes I need sunlight or just a bit of light in general to take some snap shots. I'm hoping that there will be a chance to do a bit of a swatchapoolza on the weekend.


  1. Someone's been shopping!! What a bunch of lovely products you got :)

    Awww Thank you :) I am a bit nervous now that you are going to try them LOL

  2. I've heard great things about the dream smooth mousse makeup, I want it for myself but currently trying to use up so many foundations haha

  3. Su - Guilty as charged lol. At lest Flora was a total bargain. And don't feel nervous as I'm really looking forward to your scents!

    Jade - I managed to get one in the lightest shade but it is still slightly too dark which is a shame. I recommend dabbing rather than wiping it on with the sponge - I used a fair bit of product working that out for myself :)

  4. Hmmm... its a pity the dream smooth mousse has no SPF screen. I found sunscreen is vital here in Australia. My lovely day cream with SPF15 finished a couple of days ago, so I had to use some other cream without SPF. You know what? Got freckles in just 2 days!!!
    Marusya V

  5. Marusya - I couldn't agree more SPF is a must. And don't even get me started on freckles lol