Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clearing the backlog NOTD x 3

Ok I am soooooooo behind on my swatching so here are a couple of complete stunners that have been gracing my nails recently. After that is an extremely average attempt at crackling.

NOTD Colour Club Sexy Siren
(all pics are 2 coats, no top coat). This one is a four star fabulous polish. A must have for glitter and blue polish lovers. I recently picked up China Glaze's Dorothy Who - and the tip swatch I did looked darker in case you already own that one.

NOTD: Color Club Fashion Addict
(pics shown are 2 coats, no top coat). Like the colour above I have no idea how I didn't own this bottle of polish perfection before. I really love Color Club (apart from one notable exception I have already talked about on here). This colour was opaque in 1 coat and has to be in my top 10 favourite all time colours.


And just to prove less is more I decided to try out some of China Glaze's Black Crackle over the top. This was more to refine my crackle application technique so please hold all judgements lol. This is one very thin coat of crackle over fashion addict. The crackle dries opaque so it looks much better with a top coat applied.

I personally think the underneath colour needs to have more kick - this was too natural. It really does look like the black is stripping off my nails so my super neat freak/prissy side kicked in making me feel that it looked messy (um isn't that the point???).
Thankfully I did some more crackle swatching tonight on some painted tips so I'll try and put those up in the next couple of days.


  1. Pretty colours! Specially love the Fashion Addict.
    Black Crackle sounds interesting, it looks really nice. It looks trendy, not messy :)

  2. I love the blue one, it reminds me of the one from the Alice In Wonderland collection by OPI!

  3. Looove the sexy siren!!! Need to get this one for sure :D

  4. Su - Fashion Addict is amasing. I love it so much :)

    Vintage and Jade - the formula and colour of SS is just insanely good...and all for $2.75US per bottle. You wont be disappointed. I got mine from Head2toe BTW.