Monday, March 28, 2011

An experiment with China Glaze Crackle Polishes.

I recently ordered 3 of China Glaze's crackle polishes in the shades -Black Mesh, Fault Line and Crushed Candy. And yes that is my camera cord in the shot but it was also my best one so just ignore it please lol.

I had a very feeble first attempt with Black Mesh


After this I wasn't sure what to think... apart from DISAPPOINTED. So I decided to do an experiment. Being a complete nerd I have swatched a lot of my colours on nail wheels and I decided to sacrifice my Ulta 3 one for the cause.

Notice how much better these turned out... I sure did! I am actually wondering if cheaper nail polish underneath is better because ALL of these had more crackle than my fingers and they were all applied by brushing from middle to edge. It also gives a great insight into what the base colour needs to be for the crackle to really look good. My favourite is 4th from the right - purple with orange polish underneath.

Has anyone else been enjoying crackle time? How have your creations worked out?


  1. I've just got the OPI black crackle and i love it for those lazy days when i can't be bothered doing much with my nails as it doesn't require proper and precise application :)

    I quite like the green/black look (6th from right), I might try it with my polishes.

  2. Have you tried doing a coat of crackle with a coat of a different colour crackle on top? Wonder how it'd look! :)

  3. That is such a cool effect. I can't wait to try it out myself. Makes sense cheaper nail polish might crack more?

  4. Makeup and Macaroons - I love all of these ones in comparison to my first attempt. Green and black would look awesome...I am thinking Watermelon Rind from CG in my head right now.

    Vintage - No not yet but now you mention it I bet it would look awesome. I saw a YT vid from Xsparkage where I think she did well as changing the angle of the brush. That all got a bit complicated for me lol

    Claire - I was thinking the same thing, although I have no logical reason why. More experimentation and nail wheels to be sacrificed I think :)