Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adelaide Beauty Conference Round Up

I'm sure there will be a bucket load of tweets and blog posts about the first Adelaide Beauty Conference but if you want to hear how it went down by a 30 something, easily distracted and forgetful (I cannot believe I forgot my camera) nail polish addict then you have come to the right place.

I've also decided to amuse myself by writing the rest of this post newspaper style ... so enjoy another post of cray cray with the Jac' star.....

Adelaide's inaugural Beauty Conference was held last night at the luxurious Liquid Hair Salon located in Adelaide's CBD. On hand were a bevy of Adelaide's blogging elite (and me) to take part in learning about the latest and greatest offering from Cloud 9 and Dermalogica, as well as on site demonstrations from the very talented Kitty of MissyKittyCharms and Violet Le Beaux.

The evening started with a fantastic demonstration of some of the offerings from Cloud Nine featuring Emma (Liquid Hair's Owner). The O  is a state of the art curler system that heats each curler in 6 seconds and yet the time saving does not mean a reduction in the quality of the curl. Below are the results Emma created using the O curlers, curling wand and straighteners -

Next on the agenda was an informative demonstration from Dermalogica of their MircroZone Treatments which are 20 minute treatments designed for women (and men) on the go. I am already lusting after an exfoliation treatment - and for those in Adelaide the MicroZone treatments are available from Liquid Hair for $30 (I made sure to find out for myself).

Dermalogica also supports the FITE initiative for women in developing countries (a worthy cause I hope you take the time to read more about) and they are also offering a deal where once you spend $100 you receive a voucher for $30 towards your next purchase. So what does a MicroZone Treatment look like -

I'd say relaxing would be the right word to describe that.

Next was an informative and entertaining display of nail art genius by the lovely Violet who used her expertise to create roses on Neena from Ramblings of a Girl. Violet not only created the design but all answered all of our polish and other related questions. She's a multi-tasker!

And then it was time for me to become the model as Kitty showed us all how to do a Blue Ombre lip. Unfortunately as I was in the chair I can only share my finished picture here with Michelle  who received a red smokey eye-

Random comment - but what was happening with my hair in that shot.... anyway moving on. As you would expect at such a glamorous event catering was a must and Monnie of Cupcake Treats delivered delicious and gorgeous treats for all -

And of course there was a goodie bag or 2... but I'm leaving those pics to everyone else. You'll see my trials and errors as I review stuff for my blog of course.

I just wants to add a big shout out to the following people
  • Celeste for organising the ABC and whose OCD for organising made me happy in a way I thought only nail polish could.
  • The sponsors who have so freely shared their goodies and time so we can learn more to share with you all.
  • Jimmy and Violet for coming along - it was lovely meeting both of you. Jimmy has a photography blog  which you should all go and follow now as well.
  • Neena who has some gorgeous pics up on her blog already - go on go look at the good pictures you know you want to.
Woooh. I'm done. Time to chillax before work tomorrow.

Jac x

p.s I was not paid or sponsored for this post...don't think I need to say this but just in case AND the craptacular photos were brought to you by my iPhone4.


    1. Great round up, it was so nice to meet you too :D I'm glad you thought my display was useful haha, I was very nervous. I wish I'd gotten to see your lip display, the results looked so cool! Go team Zoya!

    2. What a fun night! Love the blue lipstick on you Jac and the red smoky eye on Michelle, very devilish :D

    3. Thanks for coming, Jac!! It was really nice to finally meet you in person too, I had such fun! Till next time!

    4. Violet - you made me believe I could do nail art and yay for team Zoya!

      Su -wish you had been here lovely. :)

      Celeste - It was great to finally meet you and looking forward to catching up again soon.

      Mushell - awesome indeed x