Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a little bit terrified!

I've pretty much had the same Blog design is since I started up but lately it has felt a bit old and drab. So tonight I have gone and changed it and I would love to know your constructive thoughts about the face lift. Consider the following questions:
  • Is it clear and easy to read?
  • Does the background look too busy?
  • Are there too many colours?

Anyway I really appreciate you thoughts and while I am at it can I also ask one other question -
  • Would you like me to have a clear disclosure policy on this blog in addition to what is written in the "about me" section?
Thanks in advance for your feedback and hope this Tuesday night finds you well

Jac x


  1. I like the colours, nothing is too hard to read it's nice :)

    I noticed a lot of other blogs having like a link to a disclosure statement, but I don't have one yet myself, I think it must save confusion.. but I'm pretty transparent with what I say anyway!

    x Monnie

  2. Thanks Monnie - your thoughts are greatly appreciated (as were the tasty things you cooked for the ABC) X

  3. Colours go well together. Especially like the background image (blurred lights?). Good job!

    A disclosure policy would be nice. It will tell your readers that you do honest reviews, etc :)

  4. HI Jac, you can stop being terrified, it's all good!
    It's up to you whether you get a separate disclosure policy, I don't think it matters as long as you specify during posts if something you review is provided for free or not. Most people just want to know that your reviews are honest so it doesn't really matter where you say it.
    PS: I can't see your Followers widget... the title is still there, but not the actual widget itself. I'm not sure if it's just on my computer but maybe get some others to check it out.

  5. Tine - Thanks so much for your feeback on both the blog changes as well as the disclosure policy idea.

    Lilit - thanks for your thoughts too. The Followers widget is showing for me now so hopefully that has been fixed. :)

    Jade - thanks lovely your opionion is always much appreciated x