Thursday, August 11, 2011

NOTD: Zoya's Rica

Hands up if you are sick of hearing me go on about how much I love Zoya - my hands up! My only problem is that I really do and I love showing how pretty their finishes are. Plus I buy mine - so I'm putting my money where my mouth is - but if anyone wants to send me free Zoya just let me tell you my address RIGHT NOW! lol.

So without further delay let me show you some pretty pictures of Rica which is a crazy pink/orange duochrome glitter. This one is special - grrr I ALWAYS say that - but it's true! All pictures are with 2 coats, no top coat in natural sunlight.

As the sunlight was showing more of the pink than the orange I also look a shot inside without sunlight (or flash).

I get my Zoya from Nailsetc or eBay.


  1. ooooh I like the orange finish!! it looks pretty awesome. Does the glitter make it hard to spread?

  2. Tegan - no this is such an easy polish to put on. I know it has glitter but it's so fine it applies easily and evenly.

    The only time it acts like a glitter is when removing - but even then it is relatively easy to remove.

  3. Oh man, Zoya has the best polishes -__- I've been meaning to try them out, I really have. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Oooh that is SO gorgeous! :) I need to try Zoya polishes.

  5. the swatches looks beautiful~

    Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

  6. Michelle - DO IT! lol

    Vintage - I really think you'll love them hon. The finish is just incredible.

    Lina Kim - Thanks for stopping by.

    Vita - Yay - let us all unite :)

  7. Vulcan_Butterfly - oh she's a pretty one alright!