Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Palmers Cocoa Butter Gentle Daily Cleanser.

I have been putting off doing reviews for ages so I decided to actually chain myself to my laptop to get a few done to post over the next couple of weeks and I'm starting with one of the oldest I have on my list - a cleanser I have had for months from Palmers.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know I love Palmers Night Cream (I'm about to finish my second or third jar soon), so I was eager to try more of their skincare range.

Packaging: I like simple packaging and am a huge fan of tubes so this got a thumbs up from me just on first impressions. However, I have found in the middle of winter that the formula is a little hard to squeeze out of the bottle at times (my bathroom is also freezing in winter) which is ok but a little annoying. Overall though it's sleek, portable and for the most part easy to get the amount you need.

Smell: I am on record as not being a fan of the usual Cocoa Butter smells. The fragrance of this one is similar to the night cream but is a little stronger which I wasn't keen on but it is not a deal breaker. To me the fragrance in this range is perfumey in the same way that Lancome is perfumey so buyer beware on that one.

Texture: This has a lovely rich texture and feels creamy which I love, given I have dry skin. It doesn't lather up into bubbles - but you can still feel it working into your skin. I have used this cleanser with my Sigma Beauty Brush very successfully. What I like most is that it does remove my makeup (I do not wear long lasting foundations like EL Double Wear or waterproof mascara) without giving me that tight dry feeling I get with some cleansers. If you have oily skin I'm not sure you would like the richness of this product.

Performance against its claims:

They say:
  • Milk proteins and antioxidants brighten and hydrate, leaving skin soft, fresh and glowing

I say:
  • My face does glow afterwards and it does feel hydrating

Value for Money: This cleanser comes is a 150g tube for around $10 which makes it a total bargain for those who dry and sore/irritated skin.

Here's the issue for me... I like Palmers, I like the cleanser, I can't fault it at all but it doesn't have wow factor for me. I find myself easy distracted away from using this consistently by other cleansers but I will happily use this one up and possibly repurchase in the future.

Have you guys tried this cleanser -what did you think?


  1. I haven't tried this cleanser but I'm a HUGE fan of Palmer's body products, especially their skin smoothing lotion (blue bottle)cos it gets rid of the goosebumpy lumps on the back of my arms!

  2. Never tried this, but I've been wanting to try their skincare. :) I was concerned it'd be too heavy for me as my skin is dry/combo, but overall it sounds nice! Great review!

  3. Vita - OMG I have those too. I have to try some of that STAT! Thanks for sharing :)

    Vintage - This stuff is made for dry and dry/combo skin. I tend to rub more in on my dry areas and then just pat my nose which can be oily at that time of the month. Would love to know what you think of their stuff too. :D

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