Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A closer look at more BYS nail polish colours

Previously I showed a NOTD from BYS which was provided to me for review. After seeing how lovely the colour and finish was I decided to head to my local Kmart to pick up some more. Because of time limitations I have swatched all colours on a nail wheel. Please note all colours are 2 coats without any top coat.

The good:
  • BYS is readily available.
  • Polishes cost $4.
  • Range of finishes including shimmer, matte and metallic.
  • Pretty easy to apply and they dry reasonably quickly.

The Bad:
  • I noticed some shades had a stronger 'polish' smell than others.
  • Most polishes would need a third coat to be opaque.

And can I be honest and say both of the supposed "bad" things actually aren't that big an issue for me. I am more annoyed by polishes that NEVER become opaque. Anyway let's get to the exciting stuff  - looking at colours:
Matte Pink
Coconut Ice
Hocus Pocus
Love Boat 
Shimmer Blue Hawaii

From left to right: Matte Pink, Coconut Ice, Hocus Pocus, Love Boat, Shimmer Blue Hawaii

I've said it once and I'll say it again for $4 these polishes look good to me. Matte Pink is more hot pink than my camera is showing - think BRIGHT and definitely matte. The only sheer shade was Coconut Ice which would be a great French Manicure colour for those wanting to highlight their natural nails.

Any recommendations for other great shades? 

Disclaimer: Love Boat and Matte Pink were provided by PR for consideration. All other shades shown were purchased with my own money.

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