Monday, July 30, 2012

And now for something pretty: Sephora Prisma Chrome Eye Shadow in Moon Beam

This is why I should never buy anything pretty. I got this eyeshadow 6 months ago and all I have dared to do so far is swatch it for this blog. Just hopeless lol.

Do you have pretty things you can't bare to touch?

Hope this finds you well



  1. This is too pretty, I can't blame you for not wanting to touch it! Although me, I don't even wait to bring things home and usually rip into them right there in the store...

  2. Lol L I need to be more like you. I am determined to crack this baby open and wear it tomorrow now lol.

  3. Oh God, I'd just sit and stare at something that pretty! Yes I feel terrible about "ruining" i.e. using lovely things. I didn't want to wear the TF off the top of my Tom Ford lipstick but that was downright ridiculous! I've got over it now, haha!

  4. it does look pretty! i won't ruin it too.