Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's been keeping me busy?

Long time no post - I know.

Honestly though I always promised myself that I wasn't going to blog unless I wanted to and lately I have been really enjoying reading blogs and watching YT instead. But for some reason tonight I am feeling that creative urge to share what I've been up to lately:
  1. Watching lots of You Tube videos and I am just a little bit in love with Cute Polish's Channel. 
  2. Browsing Tiffany and Co's US website and plotting purchases for when I visit later in the year
  3. I have been checking 3 blogs pretty much everyday for inspiration and they are - Scrangie, Nouveau Cheap and Temptalia. Between all 3 there is something to drool over everyday.
  4. Reorganising my nail polish collection. Previously I was organsing by brand but I realised I couldn't see dupes this way so I did tip swatches of all my bottles and reorganised by colour. Not surprisingly I now have enough dupes to have a sizable blog sale which I will get to before I leave for the US.
  5. Counting down my holiday using my 'Vacation Countdown' app - ah what did I do before I got an iphone?
  6. Plotting the purchase of an ipad. I am pleased to say as of last weekend I have changed my mind on that one as I want to be able to load pictures from our cameras when we are overseas so a small netbook seems like a better option there.
  7. Celebrating birthdays. Both of my stepchildren are born in June and so we have been celebrating their birthdays for the last couple of weekends they have spent with us. They got to choose where we went for dinner and pick out their birthday cakes. They are so very cute and I adore them.
  8. Using up my stash. I started a 3 month no buy on the 1st of July but to be honest I have really only been purchasing nail polish anyway but it's a full spending ban (unless I run out of a necessary product) until I hit the US in Oct.
  9. Organising passports, suitable luggage, accommodation, bus transfers and tours for our holiday. I am so lucky to have a knowledgeable friend in the lovely Steggers as well as Sarah and Tara. I'm so very excited - can you tell? (lol)
  10. My least favourite task has been organising accommodation for my lovely kitties while we are overseas. We had planned for my mum to stay here with them but unfortunately she is having an operation close to our departure date and will be recovering. I am a cat lady and I fret over them being looked after so I am a bit nervous but I am sure they will be fine.
  11. Playing with Sally Hansen Salon Effects. OMG these are so easy to do I have no idea why I waited so long to try them - apart from the price of course.

I have to say 2012 has been a mixed bag of lollies. I have experienced some moments of wonderful kindness and generosity from true friends, been completely stupefied by some of the behaviour of work colleagues and my employer, as well as battling to regain full movement in my arm after breaking it (I am so close now).

Some years just seem to go by and I don't really feel much of a change in myself but this year has been massive so far and the next 6 months seem to offer more of the same. I sincerely hope that 2012 has been good to you so far and that this blog post finds you happy and healthy.

Jac x

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