Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NOTD: Orly's Sand Castle

This NOTD is a lesson in not buying nail polish by name. This colour is insipid on me and very unflattering despite the pretty name. The finish is dated and I would recommend almost any other polish Orly made in preference to this one.

All pictures taken are with 2 coats and please excuse the mess on my middle finger - clearly I was easily distracted even while applying this polish lol.

Me no likey. Have you been sucked in by the name of a product only to find it's actually hideous on you?

Happy Tuesday



  1. LOL I love that - "Instead of this product, I would recommend... Any other product that isn't this one."

  2. Strangely enough i like this! Its has a very antique finish to it.....maybe im crazy haha