Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where is Jac?

Hello my darlings (in my best Pinkiecharm voice - does anyone else love her as much as I do???)

I have not given up blogging... I have too much to say about my makeup and not enough ears around me to listen for that lol. My hubby and I have been doing a bit of renovation work the last couple of weeks and that has left me too tired (and sore cos I am getting old) to blog. I'm not even going to mention how awful my hands look after sanding. SAD FACE. However I can't wait to share some pics with you once done.

Anyway I have a tonne of stuff coming that I want to post about- some Tartan Tale items I just had to get, a drugstore haul, my new essie and China Glaze Christmas collection nail polishes (I'll do a NOTD for sugar plums but run don't walk to get that colour), a review on a couple of moisturisers that I am lost without and I am currently road testing Opulash...

Anyway in the meantime I am trying to at least keep up with my reading of blogs and commenting when I can. Hope this post finds you happy and well.

And has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? GULP... I have not. Eeeek....!

Jac x


  1. You told me you found her blunt! And did you actually use the word "hubby"? ON THE INTERNET???

  2. Captcha word: mingu

    That's going straight to the pool room.

  3. hey she grew on me... what can I say? And yeah I did use hubby. But you know I am lame :)

  4. Hey Jac, wondered where you were! Busy time of the year for sure :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts! x

  5. Just wanted to say hello! Cant wait to show you all of my haul!! I bought the brush set from the Tartan Tales...I forget which one it is. but it only cost me $49.99 plus tax so it was like $55. I forget everything is 10% tax there! So I get excited when I see that it's $49.99 but then goes thru the check out as $55!!! Oh well. We must organise to catch up soon. Now I just gotta find the makeup in my 3 yes THREE suitcases I checked

  6. Look fwd to the upcoming posts! I know how it is with the blogging & other commitments...+ general lack of time. I'm trying to get through reading some of the blogs let alone cracking on with my own! I admire those who can crank them out daily - that's not only super organized but also dedication!

  7. Hey guys... thanks for understanding! Life sometimes annoyingly gets in the way :)