Monday, January 10, 2011

Cham Pale Anyone?

As you can imagine a collection like Cham Pale has had me tingling to my toes for quite sometime and as I am on holidays I have had plenty of time to study swatches and make a lengthy shopping list. In fact I even had time to organise one of my Christmas presents to be a $100 of whatever I want Cham Pale. I confirmed the release date in Australia of 10/1/11 and so earlier today I went in to test it all out and make my selections. So let's have a look at my new pretty things...

Vintage Selection Paint Pot, Rose Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder and Bubble Lounge  Lipgelee.

Let's look at some swatches below - now those more observant of you may have noticed 3 products but 4 swatches. The lovely Mishka from DJs MAC gifted me with a sample of a second paint pot colour in Let me Pop. She is so awesome :)

Colours from left to right: Bubble Lounge, Let me Pop, Vintage Selection and Rose Ole. 
Both pictures taken outside one, the second in direct sunlight.

I am so impressed with these colours - they are neutral but not boring and full of shimmer without being mini disco balls. Rose Ole is dark enough on my skin tone (NW15) to be either a blush or highlight and has just gorgeous pigmentation. Bubble Lounge is a typical Lipgelee in consistency and is nicely pigmented. For me it was the pick of the bunch of all colours on offer.

Now for the most special Vintage selection - the consistency of this one is gorgeous. It feels slightly less solid that normal MAC paint pots and is shimmery without visible glitter. Let me Pop on the other hand is more chunky in comparison - although using a word like chunky is unfair because it has no visible chunks.

I have also seen Vintage selection compared to Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow Liner in Flatter Me, however I don't really see it. In terms of size Mac has 5g to Benefit's 4.5g. I have done some comparison swatches below:

Left to right: Vintage selection and Flatter Me

Left to right: Vintage selection and Flatter Me

I am surprised to see how similar they look in the photo of them both in the pots because in real life they really don't look a like at all, as you can see in the second photo. I also noticed how much smoother Vintage Selection is compared to Flatter Me - although I have always thought of Flatter Me as smooth and easily blendable.

The last item I picked up is just a staple - a Chromographic Pencil in NC15/NW20 - to give a more neutral eye line than using a white eyeliner.

As for the other items... I really wasn't tempted (phew!). I do think this collection is worth a good look and according to Mishka Peacocky should be out at the end of the month (start saving now).


  1. So if I want to see Mishka BEFORE this collection comes out I need to go in the next two weeks. excellent! thanks for the heads up because i'm trying to be good and not buy anything!! I'm still trying out all my wonderful products from the USA!

    Now this collection is definitely you! You've done well with your collection. I've not used any of the Benefit range, so its nice to see a comparison.

    I am LOVING the pencil!!

  2. Oooh nice haul! I wants them all!!
    Even though I'm banning myself from any more beauty product purchasing - sigh. I have too many products to use up as it is without spending any more of what could be savings money on MORE stuff.
    Budgets suck!

  3. Oh I hear you on the budget stuff that is why it was so nice to have a guilt free spend with christmas money :)

    Steggers - you will love Peacocky - stay away if you want to be good!

  4. I think I want one of those pencils.

  5. They are awesome I used it today :)

  6. Ooh - I caved & bought a pencil today!
    I looked around for dupes - none to be found, so used gift card money to purchase it :D

  7. I think the only dupe - and I am not even sure it is a dupe - is Stila's Topaz eye kajal but I am yet to see it on Snet.

  8. I have the Rose Ole highlighting powder and its so nice. I highly recommend it to thos with fair skin

  9. tk81 - I couldn't agree more. Between that and my By Candlelight MSF I think I now have the gorgeous glow look covered :)