Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking it all a bit too seriously I think

This is the longest that I have gone without writing anything on my blog and I think I know why - I needed a break. While my blog is very new I still felt a lot of pressure to write kick ass reviews, take amazing professional pictures and be all clever and humorous all the time. And here's the secret...I'm not any of those things. I am not a professionally trained beauty person...I just like sparkly things. My opinions are just those, just opinions not deep, clinical analysis. I am also not a professional photographer lol.

To be honest I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to produce something better than I am able to at the moment, after all blogging is a learning process. So now the pressure is off, at least the pressure I was putting on myself. I feel a bit silly writing this but I think I needed to get this out of my head to start enjoying the blogging process again. Has anyone else felt this way?

Anyway I have numerous reviews and swatches to share and so will be posting those in the coming days and weeks - although I am in Melbourne next week to see my mum.

Hope you all had a safe holiday season and that 2010 brings wonderful things your way. As always thanks so much for stopping by

Jac x


  1. Yeah - my blog has had a big tumbleweed blowing through it for the past couple of months...1 breakup later & I've had bigger things to focus on than keeping up a regular blog. No need to guilt yourself out - it's my opinion that real life is a priority over the internet! I am in awe of the amazing bloggers out there who post daily or even multiple posts, yet still seem to keep up with their jobs / relationships etc
    I figure it's a new year & I'll eventually get into a better routine, but I'm not about to apologise for a lack of posting because my internet time is cut down due to outside life being a priority ;)
    Enjoy your trip to Melbourne - hopefully the weather will be kind to you!

  2. I think you are right Melbournite ... I need a big chill pill and shouldn't feel guilty for having a real life off the internets. I'm so looking forward to Melb and catching up with my mum so turn on that lovely Melb weather please!

    Hope that tumbleweed blows outta town soon for you too. I'm hoping at this point that 2010 will have lots of good stuff for all of us (please please please lol).

  3. Erm - it's 2011 now ha ha! ;P
    And yes - I'm hoping this new year will be better than 2010's efforts!