Sunday, July 10, 2011

Empties for June 2011

I've seen a few people do these posts and I love reading them so thought I would give it a try as June was a month where I finished a few items:

Matrix Biolage Volumatherapie Shampoo and Conditioner - I purchased larger sizes of these from Strawberrynet and consider them some of the finest products I have used for my hair which is fine and limp. These made my hair feel fuller and stronger without any weight or gunky feeling. I adore them and will probably purchase them again in the future - I am currently trying Amplify which I have been interested in for ages.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser - I LOVE THIS CLEANSER. It is a HG item for me as it removes all traces of makeup without making my skin feel dry or greasy. However I have consciously decided not to purchase it again as Neutrogena test on animals according to beautypedia. I purchased Sukin's creamy cleanser and I hope to report good things after testing that out.

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream - I heard about this from Nic on Pixiwoo and decided to try it as they both have dry skin. I purchased mine from eBay and when I got it my skin was in the process of going off the rails after I was using a new moisturiser that it didn't like (and cost me a fortune). I used it day and night and my skin got back to normal in no time at all (I used this in conjunction with Palmers Gentle Daily Cleanser). I am on my second tube and am using this as my daytime moisturiser. Love, love, love it.

MAC Prep and Prime - Ok the product itself is gorgeous. Hands down this is the best primer I have used however there a couple of things I have an issue with. Number 1 - black container means you have no freaking idea how much is left and even full this thing is as light as air. Number 2 - 6 month shelf life for a 30ml primer that is completely sealed seems ridiculous to me. Neither of these are deal breakers but if they were addressed this would definitely become HG for me. It's almost HG now.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday

Jac x


  1. Woah, good work! :) I've finished a few items up as well, but I'm waiting to finish more before I write a post.

    It's really helpful that you give a summary of the products! Great post Jac!!

  2. Vintage - thanks so much :) I love your comments and can't wait to see your empties when you are ready to post x

  3. I like MAC prep and Prime too! I honestly don't know how much is left. I am using mine on and off for about a year now. Eeeek, I know! :(
    I think it should be fine though, coz it has a pump dispenser, not like I am digging in with my dirty fingers LOL

  4. As for as I know, I think that Neutrogena itself doesn't test on animals, but they are owned by Johnson & Johnson, who DO test on animals. I like empties posts too :)

  5. Great empties, I used a biolage shampoo once (can't recall which one) and it made my scalp go crazy 0_o

  6. Nice empties! How did you find the Oilatum? Have been wanting to try it but don't know if it'd be right for me. What skin type are you?

  7. Stacey - interesting and so difficult to know where to go for accurate animal testing information.

    Jade - bummer...I loved this one. I am now trying Amplify so hopefully that will work too.

    emmabovary - I purchased mine on eBay and best money I have ever spent. Such a great 'drugstore' find. I have dry skin that is easily irritated (redness and breakouts).

  8. I absolutely love Matrix hair products. I haven't tried their Volumatherapie range but the Cooling Mint shampoo and the Normalizing one, they're both great - just what my sensitive, itchy, oily scalp needs (ugh!).