Sunday, July 10, 2011

Favourites June 2011

Here are my monthly favourites finally - sorry about the delay but I had to reinstall my picture editing program on my new laptop before posting. Oh yes I said new laptop....and I LOVES IT! Anyway onto the good stuff:

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix was my foundation of choice for this month - mostly as I was trying to consistently use it to write a review - see how I sacrifice myself for you guys? lol

Blush:Physicians Formula Shimmer Stip in Vegas Strip.While this is meant to be used as a bronzer it can be used lightly to add some colour and sheen (no glitter here) to the skin.

Powder: Rimmel silky powder. This is a hero product for me and it's almost empty. I am yet to find a foundation that this powder doesn't suit.

Eyeshadow: I was lazy last month and rarely wore eyeshadow. I feel to put in a favourite here would almost be misleading

Mascara: I popped open my last tube of NYX Doll Eye Volume mascara. The wand on this mascara reminds me of the wooden tools they use to get honey out. I prefer the lengthening formula but for $7US this is a nice, dark, non-irritating formula. 

Lipstick/Product: Revlon Colourburst in Icy Nude. I only purchased this late in the month but this shade is STUNNING. While the price on these is crazy for a drugstore product I purchased it with some found dollars so the sting was small.

Skincare: My skin was prone to breakouts and was bitchy for the whole month. Palmers Gentle Daily Cleanser with Milk Proteins and Antioxidants made my face clean without upsetting what was a pretty out of sorts face already.

Hair: Biolage Volumatherapie Shampoo and Conditioner. I have loved these, gone off them and come back around just in time to empty them out again. Lovely product for fine/brittle hair in need of some volume.

Perfume: Truth time - when I am stressed, sick etc... the first things to go for me are fragrance and eye shadow. I only wore my perfume while I was away for work and the one I took with me (and glad I did) was Giorgio Armani's Aqua di Gioia. This is a lovely perfume and I am a big fan.

Other: I have 2 products for this section:
  • Chapstick 100% Naturals Lip Balm in Botanical Medley - Canberra made my lips as dry as hell and this sorted them back out. It smells nice and was pretty cheap - it's now permanently in my hand bag.
  • Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ - I blame Jade for this purchase and do so happily as I jumped merrily onto the BB band wagon. If you have read my blog for 5 seconds you've probably seen me bitching somewhere about coverage for redness and SPF. This has both and made my skin feel as soft as it did when I was young(er). Gorgeous product - please go and check out Jade's review if you are interested.
What were your favourites of the month?


  1. Nice faves! I really want to try some Skin Food products, do you own any others? :)

  2. Vintage - thanks and yes I do. I also purchased their Agave Cactus Sun BB cream SPF36. It is slightly thicker and darker in colour. It also has a sponge aplicator bottle (not a fan) but you can squeese out from the tube and use your own sponge (fingers tend to stick on my dry skin). Here is a link - hope it works -

  3. I am just starting to explore BB creams. I am wearing Skin79 BB cream today. I am busting to try Skin Food, after reading yours and Jade's review!

  4. I love Healthy Mix. I find it interesting that we've got such different skins, and yet we both love it.

    I was playing with the BB's in Kawaii Fashion the other day... They made the backs of my hands feel amazingly soft! Might have to get myself one. Cool story. d:

  5. Su - I've got the impression from some reviews that Skin79 coverage is a bit sheer so I'm very interested to hear your thoughts.

    Michelle - I love BB and seems there are ones to suit every type of skin, go on dip your toe in the water :)

  6. Great faves, I'm still loving healthy mix and the bb cream too, thanks for the link love :D