Monday, July 11, 2011

NOTD: Zoya's Tallullah

OMG I have been waiting for a blue to come along like this my whole life. This is as close to blue perfection as it gets for me and just reaffirms every positive thought I have about Zoya Nail Polish. I cannot understand why this brand is not raved about more - they are in my opinion pretty untouchable.

These pictures were taken outside in natural sunlight after 5 days - yep that's right 5 days and all I can see is a small chip on my naughty finger. I had this colour applied while enjoying a professional manicure so this also has a top coat on top.

Did anyone else think of Jodie Foster's character in Bugsy Malone when they saw the name of this shade or am I showing my age?

The wrap up of this NOTD in 2 words or less - polish perfection.


  1. HAHA so true.
    My name is Tallulah
    my first rule of thumb
    I don't say were I'm going
    Or where I'm coming from

    such a beautiful colour too!

  2. Oh thank god someone else got my joke! Thanks Steph x