Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Impressions: Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool.

As you guys know I like to take my time before doing a review but at the same time this means that something has been around a while before my thoughts get added to the list, so I am trying something different by giving my first impressions about this product.

Ok before we get started I just need to get a couple of things out
  1. I do not own any of the other brush cleansing tools so I wont be doing any kind of comparison. I will only be giving my opinion about this tool.
  2. My skin is dry, prone to sensitivity, redness and (if you look at it wrong) break outs.

I decided to order this product after many discussions with Dee about cleansing tools (she owns a MIA) and whether they are useful for people with dry skin. At a price point of $50 including shipping, I was prepared to take a punt on this product as a lot of the cheaper cleansing tools are not easily available in Australia.

This package arrived in a gorgeous pink and white box (shown above) making it perfect for gift giving. Inside there was a plastic container housing the tool, 3 brush heads and the instructions (sorry mine look a little tatty as I have been using them) -

As you can see it comes with 3 brush heads the pink one (which I put on myself) is for sensitive skin. The pink and white head is for normal skin and the white head is for occasional exfoliation for people with normal skin. It is very easy to change the heads and while replacement heads are not currently available on the web site they will be soon.

The unit itself runs on battery power (AA) and is quite light. It also has 2 speeds which you change by pressing the pink button on the front of the unit. Pretty easy and straightforward to use. The bristles also move by rotating as opposed to some of the other ones I have heard about on the market that use sonic technology.

The only thing that seemed a little disappointing was that the part holding everything in place is just a piece of thin plastic -

Don't get me wrong this is no deal breaker as you can remove it and store everything else inside the outer casing quite safely.

 Now onto the important part - how did it work for my skin?

I decided to start gently with this one and so I have only used it every second day and for cleansing only after my makeup has already been removed.  I like it - what isn't pleasant about having your face cleaned for you? I did notice that the pink brush bristles collapsed against the skin if I didn't pay attention to how much pressure I was using as I moved it across my face. I think this is because it is the 'soft' head and would probably only be an issue for sensitive people like myself. I guess it just ensures that I pay attention rather than drift off for the time I am cleansing. My skin feels lovely afterwards and I'm now ready to try using this one daily.

I also use the pink and white brush head to do a weekly exfoliation as per the directions that come with the tool and I love it. I find that having dry skin makes me want to scrub it off and I fell like this is happening using this head - but not in any kind of harsh way. I would never use it daily on my skin but as a weekly treat I think it will definitely ensure there is minimal build up from now on.

Positive first impressions:
  • nice box
  • good clear instructions
  • easy to use unit that is pretty as well as light
  • brush heads are clearly marked and easy to rotate
  • seems to be doing the job -skin happy and not irritated
  • reasonably priced and easily available

Neutral/negative first impressions:
  • inner plastic looks like it would break over time
  • worried about price of replacement heads (and how often heads will need to be replaced.

Do I recommend to others - given it's price and quality it's a nice easy dip of the toe into the cleansing tool pool. I've tried to give an accurate overview of the kit and the options I have been using that are working for my skin and for $50 I am feeling pretty chuffed right now. Yay for me! lol.

Please feel free to leave any questions below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Jac x


  1. Thanks for this review. I have been interested in the Clarisonic due to so many people rave about it. It good to know what other cheaper options are available ^_^

  2. Great review, Jac. I don't know why, but face brushes like the clarisonic just haven't caught my attention. Am I an anomaly? d:

  3. Looks really nice and great review! I have heard great things about Clarisonic too but the price factor keeps me thinking if I need it. I could easily pay $50 for Sigma one!

    Do you use a cleanser along with it or is it just the brush doing the cleansing?

  4. PopBlush - yeah the cheaper end of the market seems to be expanding and I think Sigma has come in at a good time.

    Michelle - me neither lovely that's why I went cheaply. Hasn't changed my life but I like it and for $50 if I use it once a week then that's ok too.

    Su - Yeah I was stuck on shelling out for a clarisonic ...I mean that's pricey for a face brush. $50 is pretty reasonable to me. There is no cleanser included with this one by the way. :)

  5. thanks for this review, I've been wondering about this Sigma Brush since I spotted it @CosmeticCupcake !
    So nice that there is a good option to the expensive Clarisonic :)

  6. Oh I've been waiting to see a review on this. Have a Clarisonic on my birthday present to myself list. Very clever of Sigma to offer a cheap alternative, seems like they've imitated it well!

  7. Where can I buy this?? With minimum shipping charge