Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top 10 and Sunshine Awards

Recently I was nominated for a Top Ten award by the fabulous Miss Flossy of Flossy Locks and a Sunshine award from the lovely Su of My Perfume Diaries. These awards have slightly different rules with the Top 10 asking you to list your top 10 products, while the Sunshine award has me telling you 10 things about myself before nominating 10 other bloggers (a requirement of both).

So let's jump into 10 things about me (gosh I am scrounging here)...
  1. I was born in Tasmania but grew up in Adelaide.
  2. I wanted to be like Clarice Starling when I was in year 11 and 12 and fancied that I would head off to University to study forensic psychology.
  3. I watched a bit of the original Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a kid and it gave me nightmares for a week (the scene where Freddy scrapes his nails on the fence as he runs up the lane).
  4. I used to stay with my grandparents for school holidays when I was young and they had sheep and I loved being in that clean country air.
  5. I struggle with claustrophobia - it's mostly an issue where people bring up being buried alive but I also have trouble where people are in tight spaces in movies or TV shows.
  6. I used to wear a "Who Killed Laura Palmer" badge on my school uniform when Twin Peaks was all the range.
  7. I am pretty much allergic to something in most alcohol products and that means no wine, very few spirits and no beer. I miss wine - it's lovely.
  8. My mum and I graduated from university the same year.
  9. I didn't get my driver's licence until I was 26 years old.
  10. My home is my sanctuary and I struggle to entertain because of that. I don't want lots of other people in my space but would love to go out with heaps of people to a restaurant any day of the week.

Now onto my 10 favourite products:
  1. Zoya Nail Polish - I guess that's a no brainer right? For reliability and complexity of formula they are pretty much the cat's meow IMO.
  2. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Iced Nude - This is a gorgeous colour and formulation. While the markup on Revlon outside the US stings this is one shade I adore.
  3. NYX Lip gloss with Mega Shine - This is my HG lip gloss formula - it lasts without being sheer or sticky and for $4 they cannot be beaten.
  4. Too Faced Neutral Eye Palette - if you love neutral and shimmer (not glitter) this palette is universally flattering and suitable all year round. I like this one over the NAKED palette because the colours are lighter.
  5. Inglot eye shadows - for range of colours, varied finishes and price these eye shadows are unbeatable IMO. While other ranges may have one standout shade here and there, Inglot beats all others I have tried for consistency and quality.
  6. Sukin Creamy Cleanser - I started using this one after giving up my Neutrogena one and I love it. Not only does it get rid of most makeup (not sure how it would cope with waterproof stuff), it smells Divine AND is Carbon neutral. I'll do a proper review of this cleanser soon.
  7. MAC Opulash Mascara - obviously everyone's eyes are different but this mascara makes a massive difference on my lashes, it doesn't irritate my eyes and my lashes still feel soft. I've gone through 1 tube already and have a back up ready to crack once all my others are done.
  8. Rimmel Silky Finish Loose Powder - this loose powder is just gorgeous for dry skin. I'm almost through 1 container and will be buying another one for sure. Best in the drugstore for dry skin IMO.
  9. Nars Sheer Glow - I haven't tried a lot of high end foundations but NARS was one I ordered while cashed up a few months ago. It is neither sheer nor glowy but the finish is incredibly natural. If it had SPF my search would be over.
  10. Peach blushes  - I have a few I adore MAC's Miss Behave and Milani's Luminoso are both equally gorgeous examples.

And now it's time to nominate 10 other fabulous people. Some of these lovelies may have been nominated before and if you are listed here and you have done the tag already please leave a link to your post in the comments below.
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And if you aren't listed above and you feel inspiried to blog, I'd love to hear your Top 10 too.

Happy weekend to everyone

Jac x


  1. I get the same feeling when I see in movies people getting buried alive =/

    I love peach blushes too =)

  2. Thanks Jac! I will surely be doing the top 10, but it is so hard to choose just 10 :)

    Wow, you and your mum graduated in the same year?! How cool is that! :)

  3. Ooh! Excellent choices. Love ColorBursts, Inglot shadows and peachy blushes. (:

  4. Oh no, allergic to alcohol products? How about perfume ? Mum's allergic to all alcohol products and she gets a serious rash everytime it gets on her skin or if she drinks it!

  5. PopBlush - yay for another peach blush fan :)

    Su - yes it is a bit weird that we graduated the same year. More poswer to her for going back to uni though

    Michelle - great minds huh ;)

    Celeste - I can do perfume (thank god!), it- seems to be more an eating/drinking thing as I can't do liqueur chocolates either. :(

  6. that really blows about wine :( I am loving Opulssh too, my eyes are so sensitive but this doesn't compromise on performance

  7. Me, my best and I - I agree about the performance part and I love the fact it looks after those of us with temperamental eye areas too.

    Maxfactor false lash effect is quite similar but MAC is animal friendly so they win - in my opinion.