Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Face Of Australia Luxe Nail Polish


A friend who is familiar with my nail polish addiction posted on my FB wall a few weeks ago telling me to investigate Face Of Australia's Luxe Nail Polish colours. I finally got around to it when Priceline had their 20% sale a couple of weeks ago and it has to be said I love supporting an Australian company who makes nice things. I purchased 3 shades (from left to right) -Ocean Villa, Foxy Roxy and Minty Mojito.

I did some tip swatches and the colours are very similar to the bottles -

I have now had a chance to try Ocean Villa on my toes  (it gives an almost Matte finish) and Foxy Roxy on my finger nails (photo coming below) and I have to say I am impressed. These polishes apply well and they dry FAST... crazy fast in the case of Foxy Roxy.  Ok let's have a look at a picture -

I really really like this colour now which makes me think that these grey/stone/blah shades do something to your brain. When I first put this one on I thought ewww it clashes. Three days later I love it and put it right back on my nails straight after the first lot was done.  As far as these kinds of shades go I have to say this is really nice.

All pictures were taken with 2 coats - no top coat and in natural sunlight. You'll also have to excuse the marks on my nails - they were the result of a speedy second application, not the formula.

This collection comes in 8 shades and retails for $4.95 AUD. Importantly they are free of nail polish nasties (Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate) and Face of Australia is also against animal testing which gives me a warm fuzzy. My only objection with these nail polishes is that they are apparently limited edition, personally I think FOA should seriously reconsider that because I really like them.


  1. I love Foxy Roxy! Such a fab colour, I love the brownie/grey/purplish shades that are coming out for this season!

  2. I'm a sucker for minty shades - must get Minty Mojito!!!

  3. If I had nails, I'd totally want Minty Mojito... pretty!

  4. Kirsten - I completely love this now.

    Jade - Minty was what drew me in. It's lighter than the eyeko one but not sure how it compare's to Essie Mint Candy Apple.

    Pop! - Minty is a winner for sure :)

  5. I've been lemming for minity mojito but all my local stores have sold out of them! I bought Foxy Roxy a few weeks ago and I love it! (good dupe for Chanel Particulaire). It looks really nice on your nails, not blah at all.

  6. Additions to the never-ending wishlist: Foxy Roxy & Minty Mojito. Foxy looks especially lovely on your nails.

  7. Makeup and Macaroons - I wondered about the Chanel but don't own it to compare to. Thanks for saying it looked nice... took me days to think so.

    Wilbeshire - great choices. Foxy is definitely my favourite now :)

  8. Thats exactly what I was going to say - great alternative to expansive Chanel nail polishes:)
    Love the Ocean Villa!
    Marusya V