Friday, April 8, 2011

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette.

Ok so after lusting unsuccessfully after Urban Decay's Naked Palette for about 6 months I finally went onto ebay and got myself this lovely instead. All up including postage this set me back about $45 which I thought was entirely reasonable. The palette is really solid for being made from cardboard and I just love it.

On the pointless side it has a small drawer with a makeup brush (see pic below). I really wish they had left this out as it would have halved the height of the palette making it even more travel friendly. But including more is hardly a crime lol.


The palette also includes small cards with suggested looks on them which is a nice idea for inexperienced users.


The mass appeal of this palette is well warranted, I mean look how lovely it is when you open it -

Anyway let's get onto the fun part looking at the eye shadows -


Shimmer city I know but there are 2 matte shadows - Heaven and Velvet Revolver - and they are lovely. No chalk here. I also love the way it is sorted by looks - each line works moving from left to right. My favourite combination is Silk Teddy, Push-Up and Cocoa Puff which just shows that you can mix and match to your heart's delight. Below I have swatched the 3 highlight shades -

 From top to bottom: Heaven, Silk Teddy and Nude Beach

Then the other shades from left to right:

First Row -Velvet Revolver and Sexpresso, Second Row - Push-Up and Erotica, 
Third Row - Honey Pot and Cocoa Puff.

All swatches were in natural sunlight with no base. Can you believe how pigmented they are? In a nutshell - I love this palette and highly recommend for those who like shimmer (not glitter) eye shadows.


  1. So pretty!

    I own the dupe of this. :)

  2. Oooh love this palette, I gave it away to my mum coz I didn't want to be greedy and keep this and my Naked, but now I'm thinking of stealing it back! LOL. Also lusting after their Romantic Eye palette at the moment, but can't justify the purchase.

  3. @Dee

    The Rue21 Natural Eye Kit

    She has a post about it! :)

  4. @Vintage - oh I am so going to look at that dupe as my mum is making eyes at this palette now.

    @Makeup and Macaroons - Yeah I think this palette is a little under the radar considering how lovely it is.

    @Vulcan - not sure where you are but I got mine on ebay.

  5. @Chloeblue

    I'm not sure that it's as good as the TooFaced one, but it is pretty good. :)

  6. LOVE!! I can't believe I never really thought about this palette.

    So many wearable and pigmented colours <3