Sunday, April 10, 2011

TAG: My 11 Most Reached For Products


This tag comes from the lovely Jade and has been done on a few blogs such as Dee's. This was super hard for me because I like to tinker with my makeup when I have time. So think of this as my 11 most reached for things if I am not given a lot of time to get ready. I have to say I was shocked to see how much MAC was in here  - and scared about how much they all were (eeeek!). Anyway on with the fun part - 


Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
I just love this palette. I could pretty much wear the colours on my lids for the rest of the year and be happy. I've posted some more about this palette here if you would like to read more.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse - 110.
I picked this one up while visiting my mum in Melbourne. My first attempt at application was a disaster - I hated this product. Second try I used a sponge with a pressing motion and it got better. This is a medium coverage foundation and the more I use it the more I love it. Not for oily skin in my opinion. I found this in Target for about $20 AUD. 

MAC Blush - Tenderling
I recently had to repurchase this as my mum took my existing one. This is a great neutral blush for those pale ones tyring to avoid the "I just ran a marathon" flush to their cheeks. No real shimmer but it looks great with a highlighter applied too. Retails for $41 AUD or below half that price at $19.50 if you live in the USA. (grrrr).

Everyday Minerals Natural Reflections -Fair
A couple of years ago Dee and I enabled ourselves with mineral makeup. I think it's fair to say she wasn't overly impressed but I really liked it (correct me if I'm wrong). Everyday Minerals offers a reasonable selection of colours in finishing powders which is what this one is. And... it was $12 US. I  really like this company and have repurchased this product and others several times from their website.

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural -Medium
When I don't want to use my EDM or when I am feeling a little pale when I use this one. While I am quite pale this MSF really just adds a hint of colour - I have hit pan on this and have another one waiting. This retails for $47 AUD.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
It doesn't matter what shadow I use I want this one underneath it. I use such a small amount and I have never noticed creasing but to be fair I don't usually have a problem with that. More importantly for those of us with dry skin I find this easier to apply than UDPP. Mine was purchased for me by a friend while she was in the US but I think you can get these at KIT here for around $35.

MAC Opulash Mascara
I don't have long lashes or lots of them and to make matters worse some of mine go blonde at the ends making them look even shorter. Add to that itchy, allergy prone eyes and mascara quickly becomes a chore. This is great for me - I get a nice effect (not like false lashes or anything), I can barely feel it once on and I have never had an issue with smudging or flaking. Don't be put off by the brush - it's enormous. Retails for $33 AUD.

Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer -Light Brown/Champagne
So if I want people to believe I have eyebrows I need to colour them in and this product is awesome for that. One end is brow colour the other end a highlight. This is my second one and I love it. Being Revlon it was pricey - something like $30 - but they last for ages. 

MAC Chromographic Pencil - NC15/NW20
For those who think white eyeliner looks a bit wrong/fake I would suggest this eyeliner. It's so smooth and by putting it over any redness on my waterline (damn allergies) people have stopped asking me things like - have you been crying and are you upset lol. $32 AUD,


MAC lipstick - Politely Pink (Lustre)
As you can see this is my go to lip colour. It has enough colour so  it's not a nude but still discreet enough not to take over or clash with any look I am going for. This tube lives in my bag and I am clearly going to need another one soon. Retails for $36 AUD. 

Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color - Fresh Melon
Are you beginning to see a pattern? Oh yes I like shiny neutral (pink or brown) lip colour and this one is great when you are out and need something on your lips NOW. These retail for $1.99 USD on Cherry Culture


  1. Oh good lord. I just clicked the link to EDM and WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE WAS THE FIRST THING I SAW...

  2. I keep thinking I want that Maybelline foundation! and Everyday minerals is now bookmarked :D Glad you did the tag, I always love seeing what people use :D

  3. @Dee... could it have been the owner??? lol

    @Jade... if you want any advice on anything let me know there isn't much I haven't tried including their brushes.

  4. Does the Too Faced Shadow Insurance make it difficult to blend?

    Most primers make it almost impossible to blend.

  5. Vintage - I don't have any issue blending but I tend to layer my lid colour across the whole eye area and then put my crease colour over that.

    UDPP and TFSI seem quite similar to me except that TFSI is kinder to dry eyelids as it has a thinner consistency making it easier to spread.