Monday, April 25, 2011

Where I like to shop - online edition

I thought this post might be a good idea as I offered to create a list of places to buy things for my husband as my birthday is just around the corner. My blog is pretty small so I am not getting anything for free unless it is a gift from family or friends - therefore I have spent some time working out where to get stuff reliably and cheaply.

This list is just a few of the places I have ordered from but is certainly not an exhaustive list - and if in reading this you notice something I have missed please leave a comment below and fill us in.

  • Head2Toe Beauty - Nail Polish - China Glaze, Color Club, Essie ($8). They also have Orly but it says for US residents only. They ship quickly - never had a problem.
  • Nailsetc - Nail Polish - OPI, Zoya, Essie ($5). They have other brands too but that is what I would/have ordered from there. They ship slower but eventually they arrive.
  • CherryCulture - NYX, Milani, Jordana. Check prices between CC and Nonpareill as they vary in who is cheaper. Very reliable and they have a rewards program. Shipping can get pricey.
  • Nonpareilboutique - NYX, Milani, ELF and Wet n Wild.  Very reliable, sometimes they will have less products than CC for NYX and Milani. Shipping can get pricey.
  • All Cosmetics Wholesale - MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay and some US drugstore. Products and shades vary. Very reliable - watch the shipping.
  • Strawberrynet - skincare, makeup, perfume I've bought it all from here. Fast often free shipping (perfume only orders have a small charge) and a good loyalty program. Too many brands to mention but I've ordered more than 10 times from this site alone. Range changes quickly - well the specials do anyway.
  • Perfume Connection - searching for cheap perfume? I like to compare this site with My Beauty Spot and Snet. 
  • My Beauty Spot -Perfume. As stated above I like to compare this site with Perfume Connection and Snet.
  • The Perfumed Court - Perfume - want to sample something expensive, hard to find or just obscure then this is your site. Dip your toe cheaply with different sized decants.
  • BoxVoyage - mail redirection site. Used twice when the dollar was crappy so seemed incredibly expensive. 

Lots of companies have their own websites that will ship to Australia  and companies I have ordered from include:
  • Coastal Scents - brushes are ok - palettes ok. Wait for sales.
  • Everyday Minerals - brushes amasing, mineral foundation, blush and finishing powders great, eye shadows pretty predictable, lip products meh and I haven't tried any of their skincare
  • Sassy Minerals - $0.75 cent generous samples. Only tried their eye shadows but very impressed
  • Sigma - brushes good/very good but I don't own MAC. Good eye brushes, love their foundation brush, no real duds for me so far.
  • Sleek - makeup - I have only ordered eye palettes - cheaper than sites that sell them here. Quality ok considering 10 eye shadows in a solid palette for 10 pounds.
  • EyesLipsFace - ELF does makeup, skincare and brushes. You will need to use a redirection service to Australia if ordering from the site but personally I wouldn't bother now that Nonpareill sells ELF.
  • Paula's Choice - good skincare in simple packaging - offering samples of most items.
  • The BodyNeeds - MAC pigment samples, UD primer potion.

Other sites shipping to Australia include Illumasqua, Pixi and Louise Young but I haven't personally ordered from there.

Other sites I am aware of but have not used (or I am in the process of using for the first time and so it is too early to recommend include:
  • KissandMakeupNY - Makeup - NARS, Laura Mercier etc. Never ordered but they have $9.95 world wide shipping - I'm about to put in an order for some NARS soon.
  • HopShopGo - mail redirection - I have just placed my first order here for Sephora items so I'll let you know how it goes. May I highly recommend the post Jess from Bellelumiere did about ordering from there -it was so clear that even I could do my order without confusion lol.

Ok so there you go - certainly no master list but it's a start if you want to consider online - I also use eBay but seriously don't go on there until you know enough about what you are looking for to avoid the fakes.

And now check out this photo I took with the hipstamatic app on my iphone (so impressed lol)

EDIT: Despite providing a full list T managed to find another 2 perfume links which I'll include below with the disclaimer that I have not used either:
  • Perfume Warehouse - Perfume - Australian site offering free delivery for orders over $65.
  • e-fragrance -Perfume - Australian site offering free delivery until 1/5/11


  1. EEEP links to shopping, off I go to lookie :)

  2. Thanks for the list - so tempting! Do you know anything about TransDesign?

  3. Transdesign - no I don't sorry but am off to investigate now.

  4. All Cosmetics Wholesale is amazing for discounts! Never ordered from them, but I've always wanted to.

  5. This is a very dangerous post. I don't know if my credit card can take it. d:

    Also, cuuuuuute kitty!

  6. What a great list! I've ordered from KissandMakeup about 5 times, they're great. Shipping takes a little longer than other sites, but they're super cheap.

  7. Vintage - I like ACW the trick is to catch it when what you want is on the site

    Michelle - I take no responsibility lol

    GlossQueen - great to hear I want to order some NARS so will allow extra shipping time. :)

  8. Ah, this a super helpful post, thank you!

  9. great list! bookmarked for my future reference!

  10. Well I love to enable so I'm glad this was helpful - now we have to hope T used it for my stuff lol :D

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