Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tag: This or That?

This tag was started by the lovely Michelle - if you haven't checked out her blog - get on that peeps!

Blush or bronzer: Always Blush. I only ever use bronzer to make myself look like a less scary/pale daywalker

Lip gloss or lipstick: Lipsticks that have a glossiness to them - MAC Lustres for example. Sticky lip gloss and I do NOT get along.

Eye liner or mascara: Mascara  - I can't do eyeliner unless it's my tightline. I am eyeliner challenged.

Foundation or concealer: Foundation but as I have some redness on my cheeks I need a medium coverage. Light coverage foundations just confuse me.

Neutral or colour eye shadow: Neutral - with some shimmer. A pop of colour is nice but with strawberry blonde hair I prefer the safety of neutral town.

Pressed or loose eye shadow: pressed is my preference but a nice loose mineral eyeshadow or MAC pigment is sometimes worth the effort.

Brushes or sponges: I would have said brushes - and probably would still - buuuuuuut when applying Maybelline Smooth Mousse Foundation it's a sponge (not the one that comes with it) all the way.

OPI or China Glaze: China Glaze - but I also love Color Club and have just started playing with Zoya (more on that to come).

Long or short: Short nails -well groomed - pretty much suit most colours (especially dark shades). I hate the super long fake nail look. I guess my own would fall somewhere in between those two.

Acrylic or natural: Oh confession time. I had acrylics for a couple of years cos I love a glitter tip but the maintenance and the fact you can't scratch or pick things up annoyed me. Plus I can grow my own, I really don't know what I was thinking. I would only get them again now to annoy Dee (LMAO she HATED them).

Brights or darks: Depends on my mood, time of year, hormonal cycle. I loves purples and greens so as long as I can see them I really don't care.

Flower or no flower: WRONG TOWN. Big FAT no to nail art - sorry to those who love it.

Perfume or body mist: Perfume. The days of just using an impulse body spray ARE OVER.

Lotion or body butter: Too lazy for either but when my skin gets really bitchy and dry I like lotions.
Body wash or soap: Body wash - the fruitier and more happily offensive the better.

Lush or other bath company: LUSH for convenience.

Jeans or trackies: Jeans

Stripes or plaid: Plaid but my mum was born in Scotland so that's a no brainer
Thongs or sandals: I really don't care but if you are showing your toe claws how about a wee check to see if they are hideously offensively long or covered in half worn off nail polish hmmmm??? You know what I am talking about.

Scarves or hats: I used to have hats but as I have gotten older I now prefer scarfs

Studs or dangly earrings: I love dangly earrings on others but not on me. It's studs for me.

Heels or flats: Quite frankly heels have become increasingly scary looking (or is that just me) so I tend to stay flat. This was a decision pretty much made for me when I tore a ligament in my ankle a couple of years ago - no I wasn't wearing heels at the time.

Cowboy boots or riding boots: Sorry I kind of think cowboy boots outside of Texas is a bit lame. Riding boots have much more appeal for me.

Curly or straight: Don't we always love what we don't have... in my case I love curly hair that is well maintained.

Bun or ponytail: I loved a good bun when my hair was longer and thicker but now I love a pony tail

Bobby pins or butterfly clips: Um my 10 year old step daughter wears butterfly let's just say bobby pins and leave it at that.

Hair spray or gel: Hair spray - in fact sea salt spray too.

Long or short: Mine keeps getting shorter... because it keeps getting thinner - stupid hormones. Either is fine on others as long as it is clean and well cut.

Light or dark: Light... I am a daywalker after all... strawberry blonde, copper blonde - you get the picture.

Side or full fringe: side - so I can get it the hell of my face.

Rain or shine: Rain on a weekend when I can be snuggled up in front of the TV.

Summer or winter: Oh this is hard because I like the long days of summer but the coolness of winter. Winter overall I guess.

Autumn or spring: Definitely Autumn - I love when the lilies come back out in my garden.

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.

As always, if you managed to read down to here, consider yourself tagged. Go!


  1. Oooh I want glitter tipped nails!

    I do like lustre lippies too :)

  2. "I really don't care but if you are showing your toe claws how about a wee check to see if they are hideously offensively long or covered in half worn off nail polish hmmmm??? You know what I am talking about."

    YES, agreed.

  3. I loved reading this! I agree - heels are getting scarier and salt spray should have been an option... (:

  4. Yet another tag I want to do!

  5. Jade - I loved them and I was ashamed of them. They rock for a while :)

    Vintage - lol sadly I think we all understand.

    Michelle - hey it was your idea lovely. Could we argue that sea salt spray is the new gel hmmmm?

    Vita - this one was fun.