Saturday, September 25, 2010

7 days of Flourish Fragrances

My thoughts and impressions after wearing the following samples from etsy seller FlourishBathBody. I have also included descriptions from the site as well.. Overall I think these are pleasant scents but nothing really took my fancy apart from Applewood...

Moraccan Fig

Honeyed figs, the spicy green scent of their leaves, soft florals and a faint wisp of smokiness in the background. The overall effect is a little sweet, a little fresh, and a little bit mysterious. 

Oh no... not for me at all. I don't know what I was thinking.

An ode to my favorite alcoholic beverage- the Gin & Tonic. Crisp, classic, fresh and clean. Juniper, pine needles, and a squeeze of lime. 

I thought this was a strong and crisp fragrance. It was both pleasant and unique but I spent most of my time wondering if I actually liked it. I'm still not sure. Fantastic staying power.

Pomegranate Rose
 ...blending pomegranate, red berries, and rose petals- with a little lemon zest thrown in to freshen things up. The result is a nice balance between sweet, tart, fruity, and floral.

  A big rose smell with the pomegranate trying to get out underneath. This is an YOUR face rose and feels warm and cosy. After a couple of hours it mellows nicely but to me this smells like a shower gel more than what I would personally want from my perfume (and what a shower gel that would be too). Lasting power is good - definitely worth a try if you are a fan of Rose notes.

Ginger Tea
A spicy, woodsy blend with notes of black tea, charred cedar, ginger, cardamom, pipe tobacco and a drizzle of vanilla-infused honey. A unique and memorable fall fragrance,

Let me start by saying that by this time I was starting to feel guilty for not finding something that I loved. I wanted to love this so much but ALL I could smell was Ginger and Tea. An interesting fragrance but very literal on me.

At first this scent seems deceptively simple. The main top note is a sweet red apple- not a syrupy, candied sort of apple, but watery and crisp. But on the skin it's transformed into a spicy blend of rich woods. The apple is still there, but it takes a back seat to mahogany and cedar, rounded out by cardamom, bourbon, and tonka bean.

Disheartened but still determined to soldier on, imagine how delighted I was to put this on my skin... and I could do no better service to this one than to say it smells EXACTLY as described.... a juicy red apple opening and then the woods... in they came. Good staying power.Yum... Love.... Bliss.

Peach Tea
Not a sugary, cloying peach nectar- this fragrance is more reminiscent of the subtle sweet perfume emanating from the fuzzy skin of a just-picked peach on the verge of being perfectly ripe. With a slightly bitter wisp of chilled black tea in the background, and the soft redolence of nearby honeysuckle blooms. Very feminine, very summery.

Hmmm... well on me this was a predictable peach + tea perfume. I find it interesting that both 'tea' fragrances were very literal smells on me. Perhaps worth the sample as it may be a my skin thing. This one was gone completely within 20-40 minutes on me as well. A nice fragrance but again one I would love in a bath/body product more than in my fragrance.

Now if your thoughts are to skip  Flourish at this point PLEASE PLEASE visit the lovely Miss Prissipants blog to see how she raved over the Vanilla based fragrances. Vanilla is not my bag and even I loved the smell of Woodsmoke + Vanilla.

And I'll definitely keep Applewood on my full size wish list.


  1. Great review, I wasn't a big fan or Moroccan Fig either

  2. Tonic just smelled boozy to me. I did quite like Applewood, though.